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Ai Weiwei Gangnam tribute removed from Chinese websites

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has criticised the Chinese authorities for removing his parody of Korean pop sensation Psy's Gangnam Style video from websites based in the country.

"We only filmed for a bit over 10 minutes but we used a whole day to edit, and eventually put it online at midnight," Ai told Reuters.

"After we had uploaded it, a few hours later ... we found that a lot of people, tens of thousands, had already watched it. Now, in China, it has already been totally removed, deleted entirely, and you can't see it in China," Ai said.

Chinese dissident Ai Wei Wei 'barred from attending court'

The Chinese artist and dissident Ai Wei Wei has said he has been barred from showing up in court to hear the verdict of his appeal against a $2 million fine for tax evasion.

Ai is urging a Beijing court to overturn the city tax office's rejection of his appeal against the tax evasion penalty imposed on the company he works for.

He has said that the case is designed to muzzle him and that he has "absolutely no hope" the court will rule in his favour.