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Gatwick expansion plans 'would afflict 30K local people'

Thirty thousand people would be negatively affected by plans to build a new runway at Gatwick Airport, the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign said.

Map showing the possible new flight paths from a new runway. Credit: Gatwick Area Conservation Group

The campaign group have drawn up a list of possible flight plans, should the project be given the go ahead.

The plans were made in consultation with air traffic control experts, as airports are currently not required to publish flight paths before the runways are built, Brendon Sewill, Chairman of the campaign said.

The plans were made in consultation with air traffic control experts, as airports are currently not required to publish flight paths before the runways are built, Mr Sewill said.

Mr Sewill said a new runway would mean an extra thirty thousand people would be afflicted with noise pollution, bringing the total across the area to 42,000. He said:

"We are not surprised as we always expected matter into focus, but we know we are in for a big battle.

"Howard Davies says we don't need a new runway until 2030 and the plans are not until 2040, but we need to fight like mad to stop a decision that will afflict the whole of Sussex, and much of Surrey and Kent.

"We are agree with national environmental organisations that any new runway anywhere is not compatible with the national enviromental policies.

"Also, the main concern about a new runway in Gatwick is that it would mean the inwards migration of a large number of people from the rest of UK, or from the EU with the need for 40,000 new houses, according to West Sussex County council."

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Heathrow expansion means disruption for local villages

The Commission report's findings mean the village of Sipson near Heathrow Airport could later be affected if the original plans to extend the runway is supported.

Heathrow's bosses say their runway plan on a site to the north west of the airport - now on the Davies' shortlist - will mean less noise.

Heathrow airport will be given another runway Credit: PA
Plans for Thames Hub airport as part of the airport plans Credit: Archdaily

Local groups say the north west plan will require significant demolition in the villages of Longford and Harmondsworth and anti-Heathrow expansion group Hacan vowed today to fight the Heathrow plans.

However airlines, as well as the CBI and the London Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the commission's report.


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Gatwick Airport 'very pleased' with new runway proposal

Gatwick Airport is due to be expanded in the report's plans Credit: PA

The chief executive of London Gatwick airport has said he is 'very pleased' that Gatwick has been recognised in the shortlist.

Chief executive Stewart Wingate said: "Expansion at London Gatwick can give the country the economic benefits it needs."

"It is the only option which can the deliver the right type of capacity for the UK as it is the only airport serving all airlines models including both low cost and legacy airlines as well as both transfer passengers and people flying direct.

"I welcome the growing local support over the last year for our proposals. We do not take any of it for granted and we will do everything we can to engage with local people in the months ahead - including formal consultation on our proposals in the spring.

"The real debate starts now, not least on the environmental impacts and business case of each option. There is a lot of hard work ahead and intense scrutiny ahead but we are confident that by Summer 2015 there will be a wide recognition that expansion at Gatwick is the right choice for the future.”

Zac Goldsmith: No political consensus on a 3rd runway

The Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith, an opponent to Heathrow expansion, has been making his views clear on the options of the interim report into the issue:

Johnson: Estuary airport 'only credible hub option left'

Mayor of London Boris Johnson reiterated his support for a new hub airport in the inner estuary, saying expanding Heathrow "would inflict untold misery on hundreds of thousands more Londoners."

Read: New runways considered at Gatwick and Heathrow

It is clear that Gatwick is not being considered as a hub airport, meaning a second runway there would only provide temporary relief to Heathrow.

And that means he has effectively told the Government it has two choices - proceed with the creation of a monstrous Heathrow, on a constrained site that won’t solve our capacity crisis, but would inflict untold misery on hundreds of thousands more Londoners through the din of many more jet engines in parts of the capital and home counties that have not so far experienced it; or proceed with the construction of a new hub in the inner estuary that can be built for the same cost as a four runway Heathrow, and would bring new jobs, homes, and long term competitiveness.

A new airport in the inner estuary is the only credible hub option left, and the only one that would uphold this country’s claim to be the natural financial, commercial and economic capital of Europe.

By keeping it on the table Davies is saying you have a choice - between a damaging u turn or a radical new vision for expansion.


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Birmingham Airport runway proposal not shortlisted

Proposals for an expansion of Birmingham Airport have not been shortlisted as part of a report published this morning.

The Airports Commission report has looked at ways to maximise airport capacity.

Birmingham Airport chiefs would not build a second runway if the Heathrow expansion went ahead Credit: David Jones/PA

However, it did say that Birmingham Airport could be considered as a potential option for a second new runway by 2050.

Thames Estuary airport options not shortlisted

The Airports commission said it had not shortlisted any of the Thames Estuary options "because there are too many uncertainties and challenges surrounding them at this stage".

It said it would undertake further study of the Isle of Grain option in the first half of 2014 and said it would:

Will reach a view later next year on whether that option offers a credible proposal for consideration alongside the other shortlisted options.

The commission said it had not shortlisted proposals for expansion at Stansted or Birmingham Airports, but it added:

There is likely to be a case for considering them as potential options for any second new runway by 2050.

New runways considered at Gatwick and Heathrow

The Airports Commissions' independent review into airport capacity in the UK has concluded that there is a need for one additional runway to be up and running in the south east by 2030.

Two of the options that will be studied further will be at Heathrow airport. Credit: Reuters

The commission found that there is likely to be a demand case for a second additional runway to be operational by 2050.

Read: Airports Commission: New runway needed by 2030

The Commission said it will now investigate further feasibility studies to look into proposals for new runways in two locations - at Heathrow and Gatwick.

At Gatwick, the group will study the airport's proposals for a new runway to the south of the existing runway.

At Heathrow, two options are on the table: the existing plan for one new 3,500m runway to the northwest, and a new proposals from Heathrow Hub to extend the existing northern runway to at least 6,000m, enabling the the extended runway to operate as two independent runways.

'Boris Island' airport now seeming unlikely

Head of the Airports Commission Howard Davies said the Thames estuary idea, presented by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, would be considered separately.

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