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UN committee condemns Aleppo attacks

A damaged ambulance is pictured after an airstrike on Tuesday. Credit: Reuters

The UN committee has "deplored and condemned" the recent attacks in Aleppo, and the continued violence by the Syrian government against its own people.

The General Assembly's human rights committee voted 116-15, with 49 abstentions, to demand that Syrian authorities "immediately end attacks."

A draft resolution has demanded the regime: "immediately puts an end to all indiscriminate attacks, including those involving the use of terror tactics, air strikes, barrel and vacuum bombs, incendiary weapons, chemical weapons and heavy artillery."

The draft calls for a ceasefire by all parties, saying this "is essential to achieve a political solution".

Russia denies involvement in fresh Aleppo strikes

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers

Russia has denied taking part in fresh airstrikes in Aleppo.

The attack in the besieged city began just hours after a phone conversation between President Vladimir Putin and and US President-elect Donald Trump.

The Kremlin said each spoke of the need to "work together in the struggle against the number one common enemy - international terrorism and extremism" in the context of Syria.

The administration of US President Barack Obama has been trying for months to negotiate a ceasefire in Aleppo.

It has become the focus of the long-running struggle between Syrian President Bashar Assad and the rebels seeking to oust him.


Russia releases footage of military operation in Syria

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers

The Russian Defence Ministry has released footage of its military operation in Syria but did not confirm whether it has been targeting eastern Aleppo after the city was hit by fresh airstrikes.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and other groups said airstrikes hit at least eight neighbourhoods in Aleppo, killing at least 10 people - the first such attacks for nearly a month.

The Syrian military confirmed its involvement in the new bombardment and according to reports, Russia also took part, using jets from the aircraft carrier which passed through the English Channel last month, as well as long-range missiles.

Russia's Defence Minister described Tuesday's activities as a "massive operation" but claimed it was concentrated on Idlib and Homs.

Britain urges Russia to stop latest airstrikes on Aleppo

Fresh missile bombardments have taken place on rebel-held areas of Aleppo. Credit: Reuters/Ammar Abdullah

Britain has urged Russia to stop the latest bombardment of Aleppo.

There are reports of multiple deaths in the war-torn Syrian city after the first airstrikes in nearly a month.

International Development Secretary Priti Patel denounced "sickening" reported attacks hitting hospitals and refugee camps during the renewed assault and said they could constitute violations of humanitarian law.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned that the resumption of airstrikes made a resolution to Syria's civil war even more remote.

In a statement released by the Department for International Development, Ms Patel said: "More than a quarter of a million people are trapped and running out of food in the city. This will only worsen an already desperate humanitarian situation.

"I urge Russia and the Assad regime to prove that they can show restraint."

According to reports, Russia used jets from the aircraft carrier which passed through the English Channel last month, as well as long-range missiles, to target rebel-held parts of Aleppo early on Tuesday.

But Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov insisted that the Russian military did not strike any targets in Aleppo.

Video shows four airstrikes hitting parts of Aleppo

A video released by the Aleppo Media Centre appears to show four airstrikes simultaneously hitting the divided Syrian city.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said earlier that airstrikes had struck three neighbourhoods in the city.

Syrian state TV said government forces had hit what they described as "terrorist strongholds" in the city.

Fresh airstrikes signal 'endgame' in Aleppo

ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers, who recently returned from Aleppo, says that fresh airstrikes in the Syrian city feel "like an endgame" which may last months.

He said that Russia confirmed they were targeting ammunition depots, arms factories and training camps in Idlib province and Homs.

They did not say they were targeting rebel-held eastern Aleppo, although footage obtained earlier by ITV News appears to show airstrikes in that part of the city.

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