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Team GB rower appeals for safe return of his medal

Olympic rower Alex Partridge has appealed for the safe return of his bronze medal, after having it 'stolen' during a night out at Mahiki's in Mayfair. Partridge said the athletes went for "a few drinks" after attending a reception in Buckingham Palace, followed by another reception at UK Sport.

Partridge said he "didn't really panic" until the next day:

"I thought that someone else from the Olympics had taken the jacket, and they would realise when they picked it up, and the medal was in there. It has 'Men's Eight' written on it, there are only nine in the world. So I called around, but now one had it."


Rower 'desperate' to get Olympic medal back

Olympic bronze medalist Alex Partridge said he is "desperate" to get his bronze medal back. The medal was 'stolen', along with his jacket from a club in Mayfair in the early hours of Wednesday morning. He told Sky News he is appealing to the public to help him:

The medal represents twelve years of my life and not just my life, my family as well, and I will never get that time back, I will never get that back again. I just desperately want my medal back.

If anyone knows anything about the medals please please give them back. They mean so much to us, there is nothing much you can do with them, just please hand them back.

Hockey player 'devastated' after Olympic medal 'theft'

Hannah Macleod reported on Twitter that her medal was stolen. Credit: Press Association

Olympic bronze medalist Hannah Macleod has said her London 2012 medal was stolen.

The alleged theft occurred at a club in Mayfair between 12am and 3am on Wednesday morning, Macleod had been attending a reception for Team GB at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night.

Macleod said on Twitter she was "devastated" and appealed for whoever took it to send it back anonymously.

Rower 'very upset' after Olympic medal 'stolen'

Olympic rower Alex Partridge says he misplaced his blazer at an event in Mayfair. Credit: Press Association

Olympic rower Alex Partridge is "very upset" after losing his Olympic bronze medal during a night out in Mayfair. His medal was inside a blazer which was stolen in the early hours of Wednesday morning, as he was "dancing away" with team mates after attending a Buckingham Palace reception.

Hockey player Hannah Macleod was also present and reported on Twitter that her medal was stolen as well, though the Metropolitan Police have only been contacted by Partridge so far.

"It's very, very upsetting. It would mean everything to me to get them back. While we were out and dancing away, I noticed I'd misplaced my blazer. In the morning I thought one of the other Olympians must have picked it up by accident, but no-one had it."

"I always say to people it's not about the medal, it's about the journey but I guess you don't appreciate the value of it until it's not there."


Two British bronze medallists have medals stolen

Men's eight rower Alex Partridge shows off his bronze medal. Credit: PA Wire

British Olympic bronze medallists, Hannah Macleod and Alex Partridge, have had their medals stolen, they said tonight.

Partridge, who won bronze at the London Olympics as part of the men's eight rowing team, had his blazer and medal stolen in the early hours of Wednesday October 24 from a venue in Mayfair, the Metropolitan Police said.

Police added: "It is believed that the items were taken between midnight and 5am that day."

Partridge tweeted to ask that whoever stole his medal and blazer return it.

Hannah Macleod (second from the left) celebrates with her team mates after winning bronze at the London Olympics. Credit: PA Wire

Macleod, who won a medal with the women's hockey team, tweeted to day: "My medal was also stolen at the same time. Totally devastated."

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