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Salmond calls on PM to get UN mandate on Syria air strikes

David Cameron is displaying a "sad attitude" in his bid to see Britain join military action in Syria and must seek a UN mandate to take part in any air strikes, former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has told ITV News.

Mr Salmond, the SNP's foreign affairs spokesman, said it was vital Britain did not act without a UN security council resolution over the air strikes.

He told Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship his party was "always willing to listen" to the case for supporting military action against Islamic State.


Alex Salmond won't stand again for Scottish Parliament

Credit: Andrew Milligan / PA Wire

Alex Salmond has said he will not stand for the Scottish Parliament again.

Scotland's former first minister told BuzzFeed: “It’s quite possible to do the two parliaments thing effectively, but for the overlap period only. It shouldn’t be long-term."

In an interview, Mr Salmond also backed left-wing Labour MP Diane Abbott for London's mayor - ruling himself out in the process.

He revealed that he believes Scotland's independence is inevitable. “The destination is set," he said. "We’re now just arguing about the timetable.”

Salmond has no regrets over Labour budget joke

Former first minister Alex Salmond said he has no regrets after joking that he would be writing the next Labour Party budget.

Salmond said he had merely been "poking fun" with the remark as he criticised David Cameron for his "po-faced" response to it.

The Prime Minister tweeted a video, apparently filmed at an SNP event on April 13, in which Salmond tells the crowd he had heard a Labour spokesman say that Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy would not be writing the party's budget.

Asked by BBC Radio Scotland if he regretted making the remarks, Salmond said, "Not in the slightest. I was making fun, poking fun, at the Tory claim that I'd be writing the Labour Party's budget. It was a joke, it was taken as a joke and people saw it as that."

PM: Salmond says he will 'write Labour budget'

David Cameron has shared a video of Alex Salmond in which he says: "I'm writing the Labour party budget."

The short clip from an amateur video was posted to Twitter shortly after Mr Cameron made a comment on This Morning comparing the former SNP leader to a pickpocket.

Cameron compares Alex Salmond to a pickpocket

David Cameron has been caught referring to Alex Salmond as a pickpocket.

The Prime Minister had just finished an interview on This Morning and Phillip Schofield was introducing the next item on the programme when Mr Cameron can be heard making the comment off-camera.

Schofield was introducing crime expert James Freedman and said: "Up next a man who can pinch your wallet, your watch and even your tie without you ever noticing."

To which Mr Cameron can be clearly heard saying: "Who's that Alex Salmond?"


MP says constituents will be delighted to reject Salmond

Malcolm Bruce, the Lib Dem MP for Gordon, said he was sure his constituents would be "delighted" to have the chance to reject Alex Salmond at the next election.

Liberal Democrat MP for Gordon Malcolm Bruce, who is standing down at the General Election. Credit: IAN NICHOLSON/PA Archive/Press Association Images

''People in Gordon rejected the First Minister's independence plans overwhelmingly at the referendum," Bruce said.

''I am sure that they would be delighted to have the chance to reject him again in May. Bring it on.''

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