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Salmond hits out at 'Treasury leak' over flight of banks

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has accused the UK Government of "scaremongering" over the possible flight of businesses to England in the event of a Yes vote.

He told BBC Radio Scotland that a source "within the Treasury" had leaked information about RBS and other banks making contingency plans to move operations south.

He said the official announcements later issued by the banks "makes clear there's no impact on operations or jobs".

He also told reporters there would be an "inevitable investigation" into the leaking of "market sensitive information".

Salmond: 'Scotland is on the cusp of making history'

Scotland is on the "cusp of making history" by voting for independence in a week's time, Alex Salmond has said.

Alex Salmond speaking to journalists today.

Vowing that Scots "will vote Yes" in seven days' time, he attacked the No camp for being in "terminal decline" the day after the leaders of three main UK parties travelled north of the border in a bid to save the union.

Scotland is on the cusp of making history. The eyes of the world are upon Scotland. And what the world is seeing is an articulate, peaceful, energised debate.

The No campaign is in terminal decline. In contrast a Yes vote is the opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity to build a fairer more prosperous country.

– Alex Salmond


Salmond refuses to answer currency union question

Alex Salmond refused to answer ITV News' question.

Alex Salmond has refused to consider the idea that Scotland will not have a currency union.

When asked by ITV News Correspondent Martin Geissler if the First Minister could describe the impact on financial institutions if Scotland did not have the pound, Mr Salmond said: "I am going to pursue your your questions and answer as I wish."

He went on to say that: "we believe our policy of a common sense agreement will prevail."

Darling and Salmond to take part in Mumsnet debate

The leaders of the Better Together and Yes Scotland campaigns, Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond, are about to take part in a web debate on Mumsnet.

The move is being seen as an attempt by both leaders to reach out to female voters, who polls have shown to be in favour of independence for the most part.

Alex Salmond (L) and Alistair Darling Credit: Mumsnet

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts said: "Our Scottish users have been actively debating the referendum on Mumsnet.

“Many are firmly in either the Yes or No camp but a significant number are still very much undecided and we hope the webchat will help them reach a decision on who to vote for.”

“The issue of the economic viability of an independent Scotland has been raised far more frequently than individual household budgets in discussions, but the impact of independence on jobs, welfare, health and education are all areas of concern for Mumsnet users.”

Salmond: Team Westminster is 'panicking'

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond says the visit by Westminster leaders to Scotland today shows they are "panicking" about the results of the referendum.

He said it has come down to a situation of "Team Westminster" versus "Team Scotland", with the day trip by David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg a "last gasp" attempt to save their own jobs.

Salmond: No campaign has 'finally disintegrated'

Alex Salmond has hailed this as "the day the No campaign finally disintegrated and fell apart at the seams".

Scotland's first minister accused the Better Together campaign of "recycling a package that has already had a substantial thumbs down from the people" in its timetable for devolution.

He also said he would be happy to work with politicians across the political divide on a devolution package for Holyrood, and that he expects similar commitments from other party leaders in the event of a 'Yes' vote.


Salmond: Queen 'will be proud' to be monarch of an independent Scotland

The Queen "will be proud" to be the monarch of an independent Scotland, according to Alex Salmond.

Scotland's First Minister also said he had an audience at Balmoral "but the proper position is you don't discuss these matters in public".

I want the Queen as head of state, as Queen of Scots of an independent Scotland as her ancestors were.

I think Her Majesty the Queen, who has seen so many events in the course of her long reign, will be proud to be Queen of Scots, and indeed we would be proud to have her as monarch of this land...

And I think the statement from the Palace about the Queen's neutrality in this matter is a perfectly satisfactory and perfectly sensible one.

– first minister alex salmond

Westminster has 'no contingency plans' for a Yes vote

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has accused Westminster of having "no contingency plans" for a 'Yes' vote in Scotland.

He accused pro-Union politicians, including the Chancellor George Osborne, of contributing to a "lack of confidence in the UK government" on the part of the financial markets.

Salmond insists he has no plans to raise taxation

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has insisted he has no plans to raise taxation in an independent Scotland.

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond. Credit: STV

Speaking in an interview with STV, he said he planned to make savings by scrapping Trident and "not financing the House of Lords and the House of Commons".

He also insisted that the planned tax cuts to corporations would "increase revenues, increase wealth, increase jobs and make us able to afford to do things like pay carers a decent amount".

STV's political editor Bernard Ponsonby will interview the leader of the Better Together campaign, Alistair Darling, tonight.

Watch the interview with Alex Salmond on the STV website

Salmond: 10 days of hard work ahead for Yes voters

Scotland's First Minister has warned pro-independence campaigners have "10 days of hard work" ahead to win the referendum.

Alex Salmond said the Yes campaign will be 'hoisting a Saltire a week on Thursday' if it keeps changing people's minds. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Alex Salmond told STV's Scotland Tonight that the Yes campaign will be "hoisting a Saltire [Scotland's flag] a week on Thursday" if it keeps changing people's minds on Scottish independence.

Voters in Scotland will be asked the question, "Should Scotland be an independent country?" when they go to the polls on 18 September.

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