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Latest images from Syria as violence continues

 A Syrian Air Force helicopter prepares to fire a rocket in Aleppo city
A Syrian Air Force helicopter prepares to fire a rocket in Aleppo city today Credit: Reuters/Youssef Boudlal
 A Free Syrian Army fighter shaves his beard inside a building squatted by the fighters in the center of Aleppo city
Free Syrian Army fighters inside an Aleppo building where they are squatting Credit: Reuters/Youssef Boudlal
Smoke clears after residents burn rubbish in Aleppo's streets
Smoke clears after rubbish is burned on Aleppo's streets Credit: Reuters/Youssef Boudlal
Syrians queue to buy bread at a local bakery in Aleppo city
Syrians queue to buy bread at a local bakery in Aleppo Credit: Reuters/Youssef Boudlal
 UN vehicles transport members of the United Nations observers mission out of Damascus as they leave Syria
UN observers being transported out of Damascus as they leave Syria Credit: Reuters/Khaled Al Hariri

Late Chechen warlord's son reportedly killed in Syria

The son of late Chechen warlord Ruslan Gelayev has been killed in Syria by regime forces, according to Russian news reports.

However, the details of how and where Rustam Gelayev, 24, died differ. claims Mr Gelayev was killed earlier this month during the shelling of an Aleppo mosque after he joined a unit of volunteers fighting alongside the insurgents. reported Mr Gelayev died when his unit "entered into a battle with superior forces of the Alawite regime".

However, Russian newspaper Kommersant, citing a relative, said Mr Gelayev had been studying in Syria when he decided to leave because of the violence. He was on his to Turkey when he was killed, according to the report.


Around 100 reportedly killed in Syrian violence today

Around 100 people, including 59 civilians, have been killed in violence across Syria today, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The deaths include 15 people killed in Daraya - located on the outskirts of Damascus - during a bombardment by Syrian troops backed by tanks, opposition sources told the Reuters news agency.

Some 200 people were killed on Wednesday, the Observatory added.

Syrian forces 'using mortars' in Damascus suburb

"They are using mortar bombs to clear each sector then they enter it, while moving towards the centre," activist Abu Zeid said, speaking by phone from an area adjacent to Daraya.

Other activists said the army was also shelling parts of the suburb from Qasioun, which overlooks Damascus, and from Republican Guard barracks situated near a hilltop presidential palace.


Syrian tanks storm Damascus suburb

Syrian forces backed by tanks have stormed Daraya, on the outskirts of Damascus, after 24 hours of artillery and helicopter bombardment to drive out rebels, opposition sources have told Reuters.

The bombardment killed at least 15 people and wounded 150 in Daraya, situated on the southwest edge of Damascus, the sources said.

Troops were conducting house to house raids in the conservative Sunni Muslim town and making their way to the town's centre, meeting light resistance from rebels who appear to have largely withdrawn from the area, activists in Damascus said.

Amnesty: 'Dangers of urban warfare compounded by disregard for civilians in Aleppo'

In a report Amnesty have said that the inherent dangers of urban warfare are being compounded by a disregard for the safety of civilians in Aleppo.

The "overwhelming majority of victims were killed in air strikes and artillery attacks by government forces."

However the origin of some of the attacks could not verified and opposition fighters, "have at times also used imprecise or indiscriminate weapons."

Amnesty: Children killed in Aleppo while queuing for bread

The report was the result of a 10-day visit to the Syrian city of Aleppo by Amnesty in early August. During that time Amnesty investigated attacks in which many civilians not involved in the violence were killed or injured.

Amnesty also found that bread shortages in Aleppo had left queues of people, including children outside of bakeries day and night, the report documents how civilians have been killed or injured while queuing for bread.

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