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CCTV footage of Anders Breivik planting Oslo bomb

CCTV footage of Anders Behring Breivik planting the bomb outside the Norwegian Government buildings that killed eight people has been released by Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

The never seen before footage shows Breivik , wearing a security guard uniform, parking his white van outside the building in central Oslo, and walking away.

Moments later the CCTV cameras record the impact of the explosion as it rips through the buildings, shattering glass on to the streets.

The footage will be aired tomorrow in Norway as part of a documentary.


Anders Breivik says judgement is 'illegitimate'

The Norwegian far-right nationalist Anders Breivik is speaking in court near the end of his trial.

Mr Breivik said that in his view the judgement is "illegitimate" but he said he would not appeal because to do so would "legitimise this court".

The judge cut him off mid-sentence as he appealed "to all militant nationalists in Norway and Europe". He gave the nationalist salute, as he has on many previous occasions, before speaking.


Victims 'satisfied' with court decision on Anders Breivik

A lawyer for some of Anders Breivik's victims and their families said their clients were satisfied with the court's decision.

Mette Yvonne Larsen said: "I am pleased, although that's not really the right word, and relieved. This is what we hoped for.

"I have already received many messages from clients telling me this is justice served and they are happy it's over and will never have to see him again."

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