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Merkel: Trump travel ban will not help fight against terror

German Chancellor Angela Merkel led criticism of Trump's executive order over the weekend. Credit: AP

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reiterated her condemnation of Donald Trump's travel ban, saying the fight against terrorism will not be won with measures against individuals or by putting Muslims under general suspicion.

The US president has faced widespread criticism for imposing a 90-day travel ban on arrivals from seven Muslim-majority countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia or Yemen.

Mrs Merkel said her government was "examining the situation" and will support those affected by the travel ban.


Merkel: Trump 'made convictions clear' in speech

Merkel reacts to Trump's inauguration speech Credit: PA Images

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel says Donald Trump 'made his convictions clear' in his inauguration speech.

When asked about America's new president's swearing-in on January 20, she said that transatlantic relations 'will not be less important in coming years'.

Merkel added she will 'always seek compromise', in her reaction to Mr Trump's speech.

Sources claim that while the inauguration was happening in Washington DC, the German leader attended the opening of an art museum in Potsdam, Germany.


Merkel warns Turkey over death penalty plans

The German chancellor warned Mr Erdogan against reintroducing the death penalty Credit: PA

Angela Merkel has warned Turkey's president that the reintroduction of the death would be incompatible with Turkey's goal of EU membership.

The German chancellor told Recep Tayyip Erdogan reintroducing the death penalty was "in no way compatible" with his country's plans to join the EU, a spokeswoman for the chancellor said.

The comments come as Mr Erdogan contemplates capital punishment for those behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

Turkey abolished capital punishment in 2004, allowing it to open EU accession talks the following year, but the negotiations have made little progress since then.

Angela Merkel condemns 'mass murder' in Nice

Angela Merkel says she is shocked by "mass murder in Nice" as she promised to stand by France's side in the fight against terrorism.

Angela Merkel. Credit: Reuters

"All of us who have come together at the ASEM summit are united in our feeling of disbelief at the attack of mass murder in Nice," the German chancellor said on the sidelines of a major summit between Asian and European leaders in Mongolia.

"Germany stands in the fight against terrorism at France's side, united with many, many others.

"I am convinced that, despite all the difficulties, we shall win this fight."

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