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Merkel warns Turkey over death penalty plans

The German chancellor warned Mr Erdogan against reintroducing the death penalty Credit: PA

Angela Merkel has warned Turkey's president that the reintroduction of the death would be incompatible with Turkey's goal of EU membership.

The German chancellor told Recep Tayyip Erdogan reintroducing the death penalty was "in no way compatible" with his country's plans to join the EU, a spokeswoman for the chancellor said.

The comments come as Mr Erdogan contemplates capital punishment for those behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

Turkey abolished capital punishment in 2004, allowing it to open EU accession talks the following year, but the negotiations have made little progress since then.


Angela Merkel condemns 'mass murder' in Nice

Angela Merkel says she is shocked by "mass murder in Nice" as she promised to stand by France's side in the fight against terrorism.

Angela Merkel. Credit: Reuters

"All of us who have come together at the ASEM summit are united in our feeling of disbelief at the attack of mass murder in Nice," the German chancellor said on the sidelines of a major summit between Asian and European leaders in Mongolia.

"Germany stands in the fight against terrorism at France's side, united with many, many others.

"I am convinced that, despite all the difficulties, we shall win this fight."

Angela Merkel: We must prevent other nations fleeing EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Credit: Reuters

Action must be taken to prevent other countries from fleeing the EU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said.

Speaking at a Christian Democratic Union party executive board meeting, Ms Merkel said the financial markets are very concerned that the EU is no longer governable.

She added that all 27 remaining EU countries must consult together on the way forward following Britain's vote to leave the bloc.

However, Ms Merkel maintained that it is not the right time to pursue a quick deepening of cooperation between eurozone member states.

Instead, the EU should act on popular concerns such as securing the bloc's borders, creating jobs and improving internal security, she said.


Merkel pushes for 'special security zones in Syria'

Credit: APTN

Angela Merkel has announced she is pushing "for the establishment of special security zones in Syria" to be set up near the border with Turkey so that refugees have somewhere where they can find shelter.

Speaking at a press conference today the German Chancellor said: "I have ... again demanded that we have zones where the ceasefire is particularly enforced and where a significant level of security can be guaranteed."

Merkel's comments came shortly after she visited a migrant camp on the Syrian-Turkish border where she inspected conditions and spoke to people living there.

Germans give thumbs down to Merkel's migrant policy

Angela Merkel's conservatives have lost out in two out of three regional elections as Germans gave the thumbs down to her "open door" migrant policy.

Angela Merkel has defended her open-door policy ahead of the elections Credit: Reuters

The defeat was the worst case scenario for the Chancellor, who staked her legacy on her decision last year to let in over one million migrants.

Anti-immigration group Alternative for Germany (AfD) made gains after the poor showing of support for Merkel's Christian Democrats.

AfD chief Frauke Petry said: "We have fundamental problems in Germany that led to this election result."

A carnival float mocking Angela Merkel reads 'crucify her human politics for migrants'. Credit: Reuters

The result is a setback for Merkel just as she is trying to use her status as Europe's most powerful leader to seal an EU deal with Turkey to stem the tide of migrants.

Addressing a rally in Baden-Wuerttemberg on Saturday, Merkel defended her decision saying: "There are situations in life - and this was the case last autumn - when you can't hold a long debate on principles.

"People are suddenly there and need protection", she added.

Merkel: summit will set out 'clear demands' from Europe

Angela Merkel arrives in Malta for the summit Credit: APTN

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has arrived in Malta for an international summit on the refugee crisis and migration to Europe.

Chancellor Merkel, who faces intense domestic pressure after offering shelter to almost a million asylum seekers this year, said the summit "would promote friendly relations with Africans", but added it would "also set out clear demands and expectations" from Europe.

African leaders have expressed concern at suggestions that Europe could sharply reduce immigration. EU officials have said that legal migration, for students and seasonal labour, could be increased in return for help cutting illegal migration.

Germany is also facing an influx of people from Syria, and has warned that it could start sending Syrian refugees back to other EU states. In response, Hungary said it would not take any and Slovenia began to put up new border fences.

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