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Wheelchair-bound Frostie the goat has died

Frostie the goat was fitted with a harness and set of wheel to help use his hind legs. Credit: Edgar's Mission

Frostie the Snowgoat, who was fitted with his own tiny wheelcart to help him walk, has died.

Little Frostie, who was living at an animal rescue sanctuary called Edgar’s Mission in Australia, had departed from his wheelchair when he fell ill on Monday but died shortly after.

Frostie died at the animal rescue sanctuary in Australia. Credit: Edgar's Mission

The animal sanctuary fitted him out with a harness and set of wheels after contracting a disease called joint navel ill shortly after he was born.

"For such a tiny goat, who only danced on this earth for a short while, his reach has been enormous.

"As the little guy made his last gasps of breath he looked into my tear-filled eyes as I begged him to stay. I told him I loved him and would do so forever more," Pam Ahern wrote in a blog.


Young koala has first climb outdoors in the sunshine

The first koala to be born in the UK has enjoyed his first experience playing outdoors in the sunshine.

Yooranah the koala soaking up the sun on the climbing frame at Edinburgh Zoo. Credit: PA

Yooranah was born at Edinburgh Zoo in May last year and has been waiting for the weather to warm up before being allowed on the outdoor koala climbing frame.

The koala joey was born the size of a jelly bean so keepers thought Yooranah was previously too young to be let loose in the outdoor area. Credit: PA

The koala joey was born the size of a jelly bean so keepers thought Yooranah was previously too young to be let loose in the outdoor area.

When the weather is good the keepers take the koalas out of their heated enclosures to soak in some vitamin D from sunlight, while enjoying the sights of the zoo from their perch.

Lions get World Cup fever at London Zoo

As the football-supporting community prepares for the opening of the World Cup in Brazil, even the lions at London Zoo have got involved in the festivities.

An Asian lioness at London Zoo plays with football on the opening day of the World Cup. Credit: Justin Tallis/PA Wire
Lionesses at the zoo appear to be supporting England in the tournament. Credit: Justin Tallis/PA Wire
Another lioness steps back to take the penalty... or just prepares to lunge at the ball. Credit: Justin Tallis/PA Wire

Boo the dog helps care for abandoned newborn kittens

Boo the Border Collie has taken up an unusual role of being a surrogate mum to two newborn kittens who were rescued from a shed after they were found abandoned by their mum.

The four-year-old dog has taken to given the kittens cuddles and doesn't mind them crawling all over her. Credit: SWNS

While Erica bottle feeds the kittens, four-year-old Boo has taken to giving cuddles to the five-day-old babies, who have been named Polly and Margo.

Dog owner Erica Fox from Reepham, Lincolnshire, is giving round the clock care to the tiny female kittens and is planning to look after them until they are old enough to be re-homed.

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