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Police probe after officers 'use crowbar to kill deer'

Police have launched an investigation after two officers allegedly used a crowbar to kill a deer that had been injured by a car.

Firearms officers from Durham Constabulary had been sent to put the animal down apparently used the crowbar instead of their guns.

Officers allegedly did not kill the deer in a 'humane manner'. Credit: Suzy Harrison/Press Association Images

The force confirmed the pair were being investigated as the animal was "apparently not destroyed in the approved humane manner".

A spokesman said the two officers had been moved to other duties "while the facts are being established" and are "not involved in a firearms capacity".


Two crane chicks get runaround at San Diego zoo

These cute crane chicks get the runaround at San Diego Zoo.

The plucky pair, aged just 28 and 26 days, need daily exercise to strengthen their feet and legs.

But judging from this video it looks like they might need a bit more practice.


Wheelchair-bound Frostie the goat has died

Frostie the goat was fitted with a harness and set of wheel to help use his hind legs. Credit: Edgar's Mission

Frostie the Snowgoat, who was fitted with his own tiny wheelcart to help him walk, has died.

Little Frostie, who was living at an animal rescue sanctuary called Edgar’s Mission in Australia, had departed from his wheelchair when he fell ill on Monday but died shortly after.

Frostie died at the animal rescue sanctuary in Australia. Credit: Edgar's Mission

The animal sanctuary fitted him out with a harness and set of wheels after contracting a disease called joint navel ill shortly after he was born.

"For such a tiny goat, who only danced on this earth for a short while, his reach has been enormous.

"As the little guy made his last gasps of breath he looked into my tear-filled eyes as I begged him to stay. I told him I loved him and would do so forever more," Pam Ahern wrote in a blog.

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