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Rooney and Gerrard: Penguins named after footballers

A baby penguin weighting just 87 grams has hatched in Chester Zoo.

Rooney, named after England forward Wayne, was one of the first Humboldt penguins to hatch at the zoo this year.

The penguin keepers are naming this year’s clutch after past and present superstars of the football World Cup.

Chester Zoo funds a penguins conservation initiative Credit: Chester Zoo
A baby penguin makes its way out of the egg. Credit: Chester Zoo

Rooney has already been joined by Gerrard, named after current England captain Steven, Banks, after 1966 World Cup winning goalkeeper Gordon, and Moore after 1966 World Cup winning captain Bobby.

Baby Humboldt penguin Credit: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo funds conservation initiatives in the penguins’ homeland to help them in their natural habitat, where they are faced with many pressures including over fishing of their food and habitat loss.


Otter palava: Animal swipes camera and takes selfie

Musa the otter's other hobbies include juggling pebbles. Credit: Owen Humphreys /PA Wire

An inquisitive otter became the latest 21st-century being to take a selfie when it snapped itself with a professional photographer's camera.

Musa, a resident of the Washington Wetland Centre in Tyne and Wear, used a GoPro camera belonging to a Press Association photographer that it found lying on the ground.

Owen Humphreys, 41, said: "I had just put the camera down and the otter came up to the bars and snatched it in both paws. The craze for selfies has gone mad."

Musa's selfie is being hailed as an important breakthrough in ph-otter-graphy.

Edinburgh pandas given help with artificial insemination

The UK's only female giant panda has been artificially inseminated after failed attempts to help her mate naturally.

Tian Tian the panda
Staff's hopes of a pregnancy follow last year's disappointment when the pair did not mate. Credit: PA

Edinburgh Zoo bosses were hopeful that Tian Tian would mate with her intended partner Yang Guang this year.

But after her hormone levels started to fall quickly they turned to artificial insemination, using samples from the male.

Experts say they will not know for certain whether Tian Tian is pregnant until she gives birth, which could be in August or September.

'Esso tiger' Tango saved from death by wildlife park

A former "Esso tiger" has been rescued by a wildlife park in Lincolnshire.

Tango featured in the Esso adverts with the slogan 'Put a tiger in your tank'.
Tango featured in the Esso adverts with the slogan 'Put a tiger in your tank'. Credit: Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park/PA Wire

Eighteen-year-old Tango had been earmarked for destruction in Belgium along with his partner Julia after the two tigers were seized from a German circus last year.

The eighteen-year-old tiger went straight to bed when he arrived at the park. Credit: Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park

The pair were rescued following a campaign by Neil Mumby and his team of keepers at Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park in Lincolnshire.

The tiger roars for the camera.
Tango and his partner Julia have settled in to their new home and are ready to take on the park's visitors. Credit: Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park

"They are doing really well. They've had a long journey and just like us humans, they get tired, so they went straight to bed when they got here", Mr Mumby said.

Find out more about Tango and Julia and their upkeep here


Humans develop TB after cat contact in 'world first'

Two people have developed tuberculosis (TB) after contact with a cat in the first ever recorded cases of cat-to-human transmission, officials have said.

Public Health England said despite this news, the risk of cat owners contract TB was "very low".

ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports:

Read: Humans develop TB after cat contact in 'world first'

Health body: 'Very low' risk of cat owners getting TB

Public Health England has said the risk of cat owners contracting tuberculosis is "very low" after two people developed the disease after coming into contact with a cat.

Professor Dilys Morgan told ITV News, "Something strange has happened in this instance".

"We don't know exactly what's happened but I don't think that we can read too much into it, that it is an increasing trend," she added.

Read: Humans develop TB after cat contact in 'world first'

Mother: Having a cat with TB 'was terribly worrying'

Mother-of-two Clare Farley told ITV News she made the tough decision to have her cat put down when Jasper contracted tuberculosis as it was "terribly worrying".

Ms Farley told ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn, "The fact that the younger [children] are their immune system is not built up yet ... I could not have a cat in the house that could potentially give them a really nasty disease".

Read: Humans develop TB after cat contact in 'world first'

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