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Joint research will fight resistance 'on all fronts'

The new "war cabinet" strategy, led by the Medical Research Council (MRC) will aim to fight antimicrobial resistance "on all fronts," says the MRC chief executive.

Professor Sir John Savill, said:

Researchers have been waging a war on AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) for decades but up until now we've had no war cabinet to co-ordinate research on all fronts.

This is about tackling the problem at every level and in every environment - from labs to livestock, from finding new diagnostic tools to educating professionals and the public.

One hundred years ago 25% of all deaths were due to bacterial infection. We cannot return to those days.

– Professor Sir John Savill


'War cabinet' opens to fight antibiotic resistance

A declaration of "war" against superbugs has been issued today, after new science minister Greg Clark announced that all seven UK research councils were joining forces to tackle antibiotic resistance.

Mr Clark, who replaced David Willetts in the cabinet reshuffle, said: "This will help to drive forward important advances in the fight against antimicrobial resistance."

A declaration of war against superbugs has been issued by the government. Credit: PA

He said the announcement will bring together leading cross-industry experts against what is one of today's "greatest scientific problems."

The move follows Prime Minister David Cameron's pledge to put Britain at the forefront of the fight against drug-immune bacteria threatening to send medicine "back to the dark ages".

Antibiotic resistance is 'around the corner' warns GP

A GP has warned that the prospect of antibiotic resistance is "around the corner" as research struggles to keep up with the pace with growing bacterial resistance.

Sarah Jarvis said that doctors have warning about the overuse of the drugs for years but face"so much pressure" from patients who are determined to get the medication.

She said that action is needed to help develop new classes of the drug, but warned against complacency from patients.

This isn't a situation that is 100 years from now," she said. "This is around the corner."

Medics 'treating antibiotics as cure-all miracle pills'

Antibiotics have for too long been treated as a "bottomless pit of cure-all miracle treatments" a report from MPs has warned.

It said that urgent steps were needed to stop doctors and vets from prescribing antibiotics when they were not needed amid a fight to prevent the spread of superbugs.

Committee chair Andrew Miller has said some doctors are giving out the drugs as a placebo to complaining patients Credit: PA

"Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses and other diseases that are not caused by bacteria and the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics has contributed to the acceleration of antibiotic resistance," said the dossier from the Science and Technology Committee.

It said that urgent steps were needed to stop doctors and vets from prescribing antibiotics when they were not needed amid a fight to prevent the spread of superbugs.

They have also called for the Government to offer financial incentives to ensure that new drugs are developed "before the pipeline of antibiotics runs dry".

'Decisive and urgent' steps needed on antibiotics

David Cameron must take "decisive and urgent action" to tackle the threat of antibiotic resistance, a committee of MPs has warned.

The Prime Minister last week launched a review into the issue, which he said threatened to send medicine "back to the dark ages". He was urged not to wait two years for its outcome before taking steps to stop unnecessary prescription and boost research to find new classes of lifesaving drugs.

MPs outlined plans for a package of measures including better training of doctors, "rigorous" public awareness campaigns, and "cheap, rapid and accurate diagnostic tests".

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