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Malware infecting apps on Apple products in China

A new type of malware - or malicious software - is infecting iPhones and Mac computers mainly in China, according to research firm Palo Alto Networks.

China represents a huge growth market for Apple Credit: Reuters

The so-called WireLurker software lives in apps that are downloaded from third-party providers. Once it is inside an Apple device it can steal information and spread to other devices via USB cable.

Researchers say the motive behind the malware is not clear. Ryan Olson, an intelligence director at the firm, said there is no evidence that any sensitive information has been taken but that it ought to be possible to steal users' Apple IDs.

Once WireLurker gets on an iPhone, it can go on to infect existing apps on the device similar to traditional computer viruses.

Apple has not commented on the malware so far.



EU probe: Ireland 'gave unlawful state aid' to Apple

The European Commission said its preliminary findings suggest Ireland provided unlawful state aid to tech giant Apple for more than 20 years.

The European Commission has been investigating 'sweetheart' deals between Apple and Ireland. Credit: Philip Toscano/PA Wire/Press Association Images

In a letter published today, European Commissioner Joaquin Almunia told Ireland it must provide details of the tax arrangements.

Almunia said any unlawful aid could be recoverable from Apple.

Apple releases iPhone operating system glitch fix

Credit: Martyn Landi/PA Wire

An embarrassed Apple has released a new update that the company says will repair the problems caused by software it released earlier, repeating an apology to owners of its newest iPhones affected by the bug.

The tech giant had scrambled to fix the software glitch that left some of its new iPhones unable to make calls, but some analysts say Apple's response to the high-profile gaffe may be more important than the fault itself.

Hours later Apple released a new update, dubbed iOS 8.0.2, which it said would fix the problems caused by the iOS 8.0.1 update that it released on Wednesday.

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