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New U2 album released for free on iTunes

U2 have released their latest album for free to iTunes customers in what Apple says is the largest album release in history.

U2 performed at the end of Apple's Credit: Apple

The band performed to close the company's "special event" in California.

The new release will be available to half a billion people in 119 countries, Apple says.


New Apple Watch to come in three 'collections'

The new Apple Watch will come in various incarnations. Credit: Apple

Details of Apple's new smartwatch have been revealed - with the new device coming in three "collections": Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Gold Edition.

It will also be scratch-resistant and have a number of interchangable straps.


Apple Watch 'not just a shrunken iPhone'

Apple's new smartwatch will be called Apple Watch and will be customisable, in various different colours, the company's CEO Tim Cook has said.

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