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Investigators probe Argentina helicopter crash site

Investigators at the helicopter crash site Credit: Reuters

Specialist investigators have picked through the wreckage of two helicopters that crashed in Argentina, killing 10 people including three French sports stars.

The eight French nationals and two Argentine pilots on the two aircraft were killed when they collided and burst into flames shortly after taking off on Monday near the remote settlement of Villa Castelli in the north west of the country.

The burnt out wreckage of one of the helicopters Credit: Reuters

The investigators removed mobile phones, bits of paper and other charred and unrecognisable items from the crash site. French officials have said they would work with Argentine investigators to determine the cause of the accident.


Swimmer 'was very happy' to take part in the adventure

The former coach of French swimmer Camille Muffat has said she was "very happy" to be taking part in the reality adventure TV show Dropped.

Camille Muffat was among the 10 people that died in a helicopter crash. Credit: Gouhier-Guibbaud-JMP/ABACA/PA Images

"I had dinner with Camille recently and she was talking to me about this programme and she was very happy because it was like an adventure," Fabrice Pellerin said.

"Today I think about Camille who is not here anymore," Pellerin added

Boyfriend pays tribute to swimmer Camille Muffat

The boyfriend of Olympic gold medallist Camille Muffat has paid tribute to her following the swimmer's death.

William Forgues told French television that 25-year-old Muffat "was very happy" and that it was "100 percent her choice" to be taking part in reality adventure show Dropped.

William Forgues was swimmer Camille Muffat's boyfriend. Credit: Gouhier-Guibbaud-JMP/ABACA/ PA Images

"She was where she wanted to be. And that's life" he added.

Muffat was among the 10 people killed when two helicopters apparently collided in the Argentine province of La Rioja.


France shocked after Olympians die in helicopter crash

People on the streets of Paris said they were shocked and moved after hearing that three Olympians were among those killed in a helicopter crash in Argentina.

Sophie-Anne gives her thoughts to Reuters. Credit: RTV
Thierry gives his view on the helicopter crash. Credit: RTV
Sophie speaks in Paris. Credit: RTV

Cause of Argentina helicopter crash 'remains unclear'

Authorities in Argentina said it was still unclear what caused two helicopters to crash in La Rioja near the Andes mountains, killing 10 people.

The two helicopters crashed in the rugged western province of La Rioja. Credit: RTV

Earlier today La Rioja secretary of security Cesar Angulo said, "An explosion occurred and it's believed that they collided."

Minister: The whole of French sport is in mourning

"The whole of French sport is in mourning because we have lost three huge champions," Thierry Braillard, France's junior sports minister, told RTL radio.

Yachtswoman Florence Arthaud was among those killed in the helicopter crash. Credit: Holubowicz Gerald/ABACA/PA Images

"Florence Arthaud - we all knew her as the 'Fiancee of the Atlantic'," he said, referring to a nickname she earned through her many daring voyages.

Yachtswoman Arthaud set the world record for the fastest solitary crossing of the Atlantic In 1990.

TV network expresses solidarity with victims' families

The French television network which shows reality adventure show Dropped has expressed solidarity for the families of those killed in a helicopter crash in Argentina.

Camille Muffat, Alexis Vastine and Florence Arthaud were among those killed. Credit: PA Wire/Reuters

French media said filming of the TF1 programme had been suspended and that the crew and other contestants were heading back to France.

"We have no details on the exact circumstances at the moment," TF1 chief executive Nonce Paolini said. "All I can say at the moment is that we are in a state of complete shock."

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