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60 Injured in crowd crush at Australian music festival

The DMA's performing in 2015 at Reading Festival Credit: PA

Sixty people have been injured in a crush at an Australian music festival as the crowd were attempting to leave after a performance.

None of the injuries at the Falls Music and Arts Festival in Victoria were life-threatening, said police.

However, 19 people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

The crush began on Friday night as fans were trying to leave after a performance by the Australian band DMA's.

Police say the crush happened when several people at the front of the crowd lost their footing and fell.

Ambulance Victoria state health commander Paul Holman said injuries sustained by people included leg, rib, hip and pelvic fractures, head injuries and possible spinal injuries, while others just had cuts and abrasions.

"While the injuries are significant, this could have been quite a tragedy and we are grateful that the outcome was not worse," Holman said in a statement.

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