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Australian PM rejects gay marriage referendum proposal

Australia's political leaders on Sunday rejected the idea of a referendum on gay marriage following Ireland's successful vote.

When questioned on Sunday about whether Australia should have a referendum on the issue, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said it's a matter to be resolved in parliament.

Leader of the opposition Bill Shorten also supports a vote in parliament but is pushing for Tony Abbott to allow a conscience vote within his own party.

In 2012 the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted against legislation that would allow same sex couples to marry.

Forty two MPs voted in support of the bill while 98 voted against.

Johnny Depp's dogs deported from Down Under

Johnny Depp's notorious pet dogs have boarded a private jet and are on their way out of Australia today, as the deadline imposed by the government approached.

The dogs, Pistol and Boo, had snuck into the country illegally, and agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce had threatened to have them put down for breaching Australia's strict quarantine rules.

The dogs are at least leaving for home in the lap of luxury Credit: Channel 7


Australian police thwart 'imminent' terror attack

Australian police said they thwarted an 'imminent terror attack' after finding explosives at a home in Melbourne and arresting a 17-year-old boy.

Acting on a tip-off from the national security phone line, police and security agencies began investigating the teenager and later raided his home in Greenvale.

Federal police deputy commissioner Mike Phelan told a news conference three improvised explosive devices were found and "rendered safe."

The boy's family were described by police as "caring" and "very, very distraught" over the arrest.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the country "faced a very serious terror threat".

Teenager arrested in Melbourne over 'bomb plot'

Specialist police from the Victoria Police Bomb Response Unit destroyed devices found in the house. Credit: APTN

Police in Australia said today they had arrested a 17-year-old boy and disrupted a terror plot to detonate three bombs in Melbourne.

Australian Federal Police deputy Commissioner Mike Phelan told a news conference the boy was arrested at his home in the upmarket suburb of Greenvale, where the explosive devices were found and destroyed by the bomb squad.

The teenager, who was not identified for legal reasons, will appear at Melbourne Children's Court on Monday on terrorism charges.

A vehicle parked outside the teenager's home in Melbourne was also searched. Credit: APTN

Police said they did not know when or where the bombs were to be detonated, but the plot would have been carried out soon.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott earlier told the media: "There have been some raids over the last 24 hours in Sydney and Melbourne. There’s been at least one arrest.

"There is evidence of a bomb plot that was in a reasonably advanced state of preparation."

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