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172 sharks caught in controversial trial in Australia

Some 172 sharks have been snared in a controversial shark baiting trial off the coast of Western Autralia, of which 50 were shot dead.

The largest shark caught was on February 22 this year. Credit: AP Images

Some 111 of the sharks were caught on drumlimes swimming near Perth's beaches, whilst the rest were snared off the south west coast.

Fifty were bigger than three metres - the size deemed dangerous to humans, and therefore destroyed.

Twenty sharks, 14 of them under three metres, were found dead on baited hooks. Ninety sharks were tagged and released.

Western Australia's state government wants to extend the programme for three years.

Fisheries minister Ken Baston said: "The human toll from shark attacks in recent years has been too high.

"While of course we will never know if any of the sharks caught would have harmed a person, this government will always place greatest value on human life, and I am pleased that these measures working in tandem with our research have gone some way to restoring confidence among beachgoers."

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Gun snatch thug drags police through barbed wire

A man tried to snatch a police officer's gun before he was arrested for allegedly stealing a vehicle when he was chased.

Officers chased him through the town of Gatton, west of the city of Brisbane, in the Australian state of Queensland for about 30 minutes before he fled on foot, local media said.

The officer used pepper spray on the man in a struggle, but he managed to get away.

The policeman who chased the man was treated in hospital for minor injuries, it was reported.


Australia watches 'bizarre' partial solar eclipse

Australia witnessed the first solar eclipse of 2014 today, with around two thirds of the sun obscured by the moon during the late afternoon until sunset.

While partial eclipses are relatively common, today's was much more rare because part of the moon’s shadow misses Earth.

Bob Berman, an astronomer with Telescope service Slooh, which aired a live stream of the event, described it as "a thoroughly bizarre eclipse," NBC News reported.

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Passenger who sparked hijack scare was Australian

A "drunk passenger" on a Virgin Australia flight who sparked a hijack scare after trying to enter the cockpit has been named by Bali police as 28-year-old Australian Matt Christopher.

An airport manager for the company told Indonesia's Metro TV that Christopher had been acting aggressively and was handcuffed by the flight crew.

The Virgin Australia Airlines plane landed at Bali airport following the incident.
The Virgin Australia Airlines plane landed at Bali airport following the incident. Credit: RTV

An hour before landing in Bali, the pilot alerted traffic controllers of a possible hijacking on board, an Indonesian air force spokesman said.

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'Hijacked' Virgin plane lands at Bali airport

Flight tracking website Flightrader said the Virgin Australia Airlines flight VA41 reportedly hijacked en route from Brisbane has landed at Indonesia's Bali airport.


Virigin Atlantic flight VA41 is squawking 7500 (hijack) on ground on Denpasar Airport


This is the flight path for the hijacked Virgin Australia flight VA41. Standing on ground at Denpasar/Bali now.

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