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St John Ambulance advice on what to do if baby chokes

Experts say placing the baby face down along the thigh offers much more support for while the parent or carer administers blows to the baby's back to tackle choking.

If an infant is choking then, in the first instance, they should be laid face down along your thigh and supported by your arm, give them five back blows between the shoulder blades with your heel of your hand.

Check their mouth for any obstruction. If there is still a blockage then turn the infant onto their back and give up to five chest thrusts.

Use two fingers, push inwards and upwards against their breastbone. If the obstruction does not clear after three cycles of back blows and chest thrusts, call for an ambulance and continue until help arrives.


The change in advice, to be officially announced on March 3, comes as a survey of 1,000 parents of under-fives found more a third (38%) have seen their child choke.

Half of these parents admitted they did not know the correct procedure for helping their child, or ways to clear the obstruction.

New advice on what to do if a baby chokes

Leading first aid charities are issuing new advice to parents on what to do if their baby chokes after research showed many have no idea what action to take.

There is New advice on what to do if a baby chokes. Credit: /Press Association Images

St John Ambulance, the British Red Cross and St Andrew's First Aid have agreed a change to the technique for dealing with babies under one who are choking.

Previously, the advice was to place infants along the parent's arm face down, but this is now changing to placing the baby face down along the thigh.

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'4D' photos reveal unborn babies development in womb

'4D' images of unborn babies have helped scientists' understanding of their physical and psychological development in the womb.

Researchers took 60 scans of 15 healthy foetuses to create '4D' images - 3D scans that can be seen in real time.

Babies appear to learn about touch while in the womb and can predict, rather than react to, their own hand movements.

Findings may lead to 'more understanding' of babies

New information on the behaviour of babies in the womb may lead to "more understanding" about how children adapt to social situations, regulate stimulation and take a bottle or breast when born.

The study, published in the journal Developmental Psychobiology, found babies in the later stages of pregnancy are capable of touching their lower face and mouth, indicating healthy brain function.

This effect is likely to be evolutionally determined, preparing the child for life outside the womb.

Building on these findings, future research could lead to more understanding about how the child is prepared prenatally for life, including their ability to engage with their social environment, regulate stimulation and being ready to take a breast or bottle.

– Brian Francis, professor of social statistics at Lancaster University

Babies touching in the womb shows 'brain development'

Unborn baby
Touching in the womb may be an indicator of healthy brain function in foetuses. Credit: PA

Babies learn about touch while in the womb and can predict, rather than react to, their own hand movements, new research has shown.

Foetuses in the later stages of gestation increased touching between the lower part of their face and mouth, which scientists say is an "indicator" of healthy brain development.

Psychologists from universities in Durham and Lancaster carried out a total of 60 scans of 15 healthy foetuses at monthly intervals between 24 weeks' and 36 weeks' gestation. They used 4D imaging to create scans of life inside the womb.

Hospital seeks mother of baby left on doorstep

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, which is caring for a baby abandoned this morning in Worcestershire, has made an appeal on Twitter for the newborn's mother to come forward:


A newborn baby boy has been found abandoned in Worcester. We are urging his mother to come forward to @wmerciapolice or @worcsacutenhs


Newborn baby abandoned on doorstep in Midlands

Health chiefs are appealing for a mother to come forward after a newborn baby was found abandoned in Worcestershire.

The child was left on a doorstep outside a home in a residential part of Worcester this morning, West Mercia Police said.

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, which is caring for the child, is making a public appeal for the baby's mother to come forward.


'Train baby' Phoebe doing well

Kent, West Malling, Southeastern
Proud dad, Allan Stanley, with mum, Sonia Banks and baby Phoebe Credit: Invicta Kent Media

The father of a baby girl born on a train packed full of commuters during rush hour in Kent has said: "It feels like I'm on cloud nine."

Allan Stanley, 21, was travelling back to his mother's home with her and his partner Sonia Banks, 22, when the contractions started.

Moments later, on Thursday night's 18:18 London to Kent train, Miss Banks gave birth to a "perfectly healthy" 6lb 13oz baby called Phoebe.


Rail congratulations after passenger gives birth on train


#WestMalling ~ We've now been informed that a passenger has given birth to a baby girl. Congratulations to the mother and baby!


Delays of up to 15 mins between Otford & Maidstone East until further notice because of a passenger giving birth on a train at #WestMalling

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