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Leading scientists warned cull would not tackle TB

Leading scientists recently urged the Government to reconsider controversial plans for a badger cull to tackle bovine tuberculosis.

More than 30 animal disease experts, including the president of the Zoological Society of London and professors from Oxbridge and Imperial College London, wrote a letter in the Observer arguing culling badgers could increase the problem of TB in cattle

We recognise the importance of eradicating bovine TB and agree that this will require tackling the disease in badgers. Unfortunately, culling badgers as planned is very unlikely to contribute to TB eradication. We therefore urge the government to reconsider its strategy.

– Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, Royal Society from the University of Cambridge


Labour: Badger cull 'was bad for farmers'

Shadow environment secretary, Mary Creagh, has welcomed an expected delay to the government's planned badger cull, she told the Guardian:

We warned the government that this cull was bad for farmers, bad for taxpayers and bad for wildlife. The badger cull showed how out of touch the government is and this delay shows ministers are too weak and incompetent to deliver it.


Report: Environment Secretary to make a statement on badger cull

The Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is expected to make statement on the proposed cull of Badgers in Commons at 12:30pm, according to the BBC.

There have been reports that the cull could be delayed.

Plans to cull thousands of badgers could be delayed Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

The Guardian reports that the government is planning to delay the plans until next year at the earliest, amid increasing concern about the cost and effectiveness of the controversial scheme.

Labour minister attacks badger cull 'shambles'

Responding to the apparent Government confusion over the badger cull, Labour's shadow Defra secretary Mary Creagh MP has said:

This last minute wobble over the badger cull has all the signs of another Government shambles.

Labour has always said the badger cull was bad for taxpayers, bad for farmers and bad for wildlife. This incompetent Government should listen to the scientists and stop the cull.

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