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Bombings kill 19 in Baghdad

19 people have died after two bomb attacks targeted a commercial street and market in the same neighbourhood of northern Baghdad.

The attacked happened when a car bomb exploded in a commercial street in Azamiyah, killing 12 people and wounding 28, police said.

Minutes later a second bomb exploded near a market, killing seven and wounding 27.


Iraq bomb blasts kill at least 62

The death toll from a wave of bombings across Iraq today has risen to at least 62, officials said.

There were a series of car bombings in Baghdad, along with an explosion at a market and a suicide assault in a northern city.

Citizens inspect the site of a car bomb attack in Baghdad. Credit: AP Photo/ Khalid Mohammed

Coordinated bombings in Iraq have killed more than 5,000 people since April.

The local branch of al-Qaida often takes responsibility for the assaults, although there was no immediate claim for Sunday's blasts.

At least 49 killed in suicide bombings across Iraq

The aftermath of an attack in Baghdad's Shaab neighbourhood. Credit: APTN

At least 49 people have been killed in a day of bloodshed across Iraq, with 10 car bombs detonated across Baghdad and a suicide bomber attacking soldiers queuing up for their pay in the northern city of Mosul.

The attack on the soldiers claimed 12 lives after a motorist blew himself up outside a bank.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for any of the coordinated blasts in Baghdad, which occurred in predominantly Shiite Muslim areas of the capital and left 37 people dead.


Suicide bomber kills himself among crowd in Baghdad

At least 25 people have been killed and another 50 injured by "ball bearings" after a suicide bomber detonated himself in Baghdad.

Police officer Ahmed Jassim said:

There was a crowd of people, and the suicide bomber detonated himself right inside it. Most of the people were killed or injured by ball bearings from the device.

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