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Grandmother on death row 'remains in jeopardy'

The Supreme Court has said Lindsay Sandiford, the grandmother on death row in Bali, "remains in jeopardy" and is in "urgent need of legal help".

Lindsay Sandiford during her first trial Credit: Reuters

The 57-year-old from Cheltenham has lost a battle at the UK's highest court over the lawfulness of a Government policy not to provide funding for legal representation to Britons facing capital charges abroad.

Five Supreme Court justices in London unanimously dismissed a challenge by Sandiford, who was convicted last year of trafficking drugs into Bali and sentenced to death by firing squad.

The Supreme Court called on the Government to carry out an urgent review of whether funding for legal representation can be given in the case.

Grandmother in Bali prison loses court funding battle

Lindsay Sandiford will be sentenced to death by firing squad in Bali. Credit: PA

Grandmother Lindsay Sandiford, who is on death row in Indonesia for trafficking drugs to Bali, has lost her latest battle at the UK's highest court to get funding to fight her case.

Sandiford, 57, from Cheltenham, Gloucester, was sentenced to death by firing squad after being arrested in May 2012 for smuggling 4.8kg (10.6lb) of cocaine worth £1.6 million from Bangkok.

She claimed she was forced to transport the drugs to protect her children, whose safety was at stake.

An appeal against her sentence was rejected but she is continuing to fight her case.

However, she is currently without legal representation and tried to challenge the lawfulness of a Government policy not to provide funding for Britons facing capital charges abroad.

But today five judges in the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed her case ruling the policy was lawful even in death penalty cases.


Brother of Briton killed in Bali hopes 'law will prevail'

The brother of a British woman killed on the Indonesian island of Bali has told ITV News he does not know whether to pay "any credence" to reports of a man arrested in relation to her death.

"We hope that the Indonesian authorities follow it through rigorously, we hope that the rule of law will prevail," Greg Drozdz said.

"It looked as though she had gone to the apartment where she was staying, had possibly come in to her apartment to find burglars there.

"There had been a scuffle of some sort, and that the result...was that my sister had been killed."

Mr Drozdz described his sister Anne-Marie as "independent" and a "free spirit".

"She was very passionate, very dedicated to what she did which was working with younger people," he said.

"Unfortunately in chasing her aspirations and her ambitions she has come foul of the criminal elements."

Family of Brit 'killed' in Bali 'consumed with grief'

The brother of a British woman believed to have been murdered on the Indonesian island of Bali said his family was consumed with "overwhelming grief" over her loss.

Anne-Marie Drozdz's brother Gregory Drozdz told The Daily Telegraph: "We were contacted by the Foreign Office on Friday. They told us it appeared my sister had gone back to her villa in Bali and that there had been some kind of scuffle involving a burglary.

Anne-Marie Drozdz was thought to have been killed during a burglary at her villa in Bali. Credit: Newsteam/SWNS

"My brother had only spoken to her by email a few weeks ago and she seemed very happy."

Speaking of the loss, Mr Drozdz said: "It's gut-wrenching. You never expect it's going to happen to you and your family. It has left us raw, bewildered and confused."

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Brother says it was sister's dream to travel the world teaching

Greg Drozdz from Hinckley talks to ITV News Central after news his sister has died in Bali Credit: ITV News Central

The brother of a Leicestershire teacher who has died on the island on Bali has told ITV News Central it was her dream to travel the world.

49-year-old Anne-Marie Drozdz is believed to have died at her villa in Bali on Thursday. Police are investigating whether she was murdered.

Her brother Greg Drozdz who lives in Hinckley, Leicestershire has spoken of his loss today.

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Report: Man arrested over teacher's death in Bali

49-year-old Anne-Marie Drozdz was carrying out charity work in Bali Credit: Newsteam/SWNS

It has been reported that a 32-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death of a Leicestershire teacher on the Indonesian island of Bali.

The Jakarta Post reports that the man was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Police are looking at whether the death of 49-year-old Anne-Marie Drozdz was connected to a robbery at her villa.

The teacher from Hinckley who was carrying out charity work on the island was found dead on Thursday.


Dead British woman 'murdered', Bali police believe

Police in Bali say a British woman found dead in her rented villa was murdered, according to the AFP news agency.

A woman named locally as Anne Marie Drozdz, believed to be in her forties, was found dead in the tourist district of Ubud on Thursday afternoon, with no signs the property was broken into.

"She was found by the owner of the villa lying dead on the floor with a black cloth over her face," Gianyar district police chief Komang Sandi Arsana told the agency.

"The door was damaged and there were dried up pools of blood on the floor."

Passenger who sparked hijack scare was Australian

A "drunk passenger" on a Virgin Australia flight who sparked a hijack scare after trying to enter the cockpit has been named by Bali police as 28-year-old Australian Matt Christopher.

An airport manager for the company told Indonesia's Metro TV that Christopher had been acting aggressively and was handcuffed by the flight crew.

The Virgin Australia Airlines plane landed at Bali airport following the incident. Credit: RTV

An hour before landing in Bali, the pilot alerted traffic controllers of a possible hijacking on board, an Indonesian air force spokesman said.

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