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At least 22 die at free clothing giveaway in Bangladesh

The stampede took place in the northern city of Mymensingh. Credit: Google Maps

At least 22 people including a child have been killed in a stampede during a charity clothing handout in Bangladesh.

Police officer Kamrul Islam said another 30 were injured in the northern city of Mymensingh.

Hundreds of people had gathered outside the home of a local businessman and stormed in when the gates opened.

Stampedes are common at religious places and during charity handouts in South Asian countries.

1,000 land in Asian refugee 'floating coffin' crisis

Over 1,000 people fleeing persecution in Burma and poverty in Bangladesh have landed in south-east Asia, describing killings, extortion and near-starvation after a harrowing journey at sea.

An increasingly alarmed United Nations warned against "floating coffins" and urged regional leaders to put human lives first. The US urged governments not to push back new boat arrivals.

The waves of weak, hungry and dehydrated migrants who arrived yesterday were the latest to slip into countries that have made it clear they are not welcome.

But thousands more are still believed stranded at sea in what has become a humanitarian crisis no one in the region is rushing to solve.


Baby among at least 33 dead in Bangladesh ferry sinking

At least 33 people, including a baby, are confirmed dead after a ferry sank in Bangladesh.

Rescuers managed to save at least 50 passengers and were still searching for more survivors, police said.

The river ferry capsized after a cargo trawler crashed into the middle of it. Two of its crew have since been arrested.

A similar accident on February 13 killed at least seven passengers in southern Bangladesh.

At least seven dead in Bangladesh ferry sinking

At least seven people, including a child, have died after a ferry carrying about 100 passengers sank in Bangladesh, officials said.

The ferry was reportedly hit by a cargo vessel at a crossing on the Padma River, 40km (25 miles) north-west of the capital, Dhaka.

A rescue operation is currently underway to free those trapped inside the ferry.

Around 30 people, who were on the deck, are already believed to have been saved.

Rescue underway after Bangladesh ferry carrying 100 sinks

The ferry sank in the Padma river after reportedly being hit by a cargo vessel. Credit: Google Maps

A rescue operation is under way after a ferry carrying around 100 passengers capsized and sank in central Bangladesh.

The ferry was reportedly hit by a cargo vessel at a crossing on the Padma River.

About 30 people are believed to have been rescued but the operation is continuing.

Fire department official Shahzadi Begum said: "We have not recovered any dead bodies, and we don't have a clear picture about how many were exactly in the ferry when it sank. But I think many have survived."

The Padma is one of the largest rivers in the delta nation, which is crisscrossed by more than 130 rivers.


Seven burnt to death after Bangladesh bus firebombed

Seven people have burnt to death after suspected anti-government protesters threw a petrol bomb at a bus full of sleeping passengers in Bangladesh, AFP reports.

Several other passengers were left fighting for life after the attack in the eastern town of Chuddogram.

District police chief Tuttul Chakrabarty said: "Seven passengers were burnt to death in the bus after the petrol bomb was thrown at 4am.

"Five of the passengers are fighting for their life as 40-80 per cent of their bodies were burnt. They have been shifted to a hospital in the capital."

He added at least 10 more were injured after they jumped from the bus's windows, trying to escape the blaze.

The deaths bring the total killed in political protests which have raged for a month to 53. Hundreds more have been injured, mostly in firebombings of buses, lorries and cars.

At least 13 people killed in Bangladesh factory fire

At least 13 people were killed and dozens more injured when a fire ripped through a plastics factory in Bangladesh, police in the country have confirmed.

Around 70 workers were inside Nasim Plastic House, in a market place in Mirpur, Dhaka, when the blaze broke out.

The death toll, which includes two women, is expected to rise as rescue teams expect to find more bodies beneath a collapsed wall.

'No more survivors' in Bangladesh ferry disaster

A police official has said there is no chance of finding more survivors after the capsizing of a ferry carrying 200 people in Bangladesh.

So far 28 people are known to have drowned, while around 100 of the ferry's passengers remain unaccounted for.

A rescue vessel tries to offer assistance after the capsizing of the MV Miraj ferry. Credit: Reuters

Officials said around 75 people managed to swim to shore or were rescued when the MV Miraj toppled.

"Now it is more than 20 hours since the ferry sank, so there is no possibility to find anyone alive inside the vessel," police official Saiful Hassan Badal said.

Twelve dead in Bangladesh ferry sinking

People look on as the rescue operation to find survivors continues. Credit: Reuters

Twelve people, including women and children, have been confirmed dead when a ferry with 200 people onboard capsized in Bangladesh.

Police said around 40 people were saved after swimming ashore but many more are still missing.

Relatives wait for news of their loved ones. Credit: Reuters

The M.V. Miraj-4 ferry capsized in high winds and rain on the Meghna river near the capital Dhaka.

Most of the passengers were city workers and students heading home for the weekend.

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