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Banksy mural fenced off ahead of Grade II listing hearing

A security fence has been erected around Banksy's 'Spy Booth' artwork two weeks ahead of a ruling on granting it listed status.

Workers from Cheltenham Borough Council erected the protective fencing around the mural which depicts three 1950s agents using devices to tap into conversations at a telephone box.

Banksy's 'Spy Booth' graffiti near GCHQ in Cheltenham Credit: Reuters

The application for listed status will be considered by the council's planning committee on February 19.

If approved, the painting could be made untouchable, including the phone box and satellite dish that give the mural context.

The artwork appeared last April in Fairview Road, just a few miles from the UK's surveillance network GCHQ.

Two months later, the owners of the house claimed the artwork had been sold and workmen arrived to remove it.

But work was ordered to stop when a community group - backed by local millionaire Hekmat Kaveh - applied for it to be included into the building's Grade II* listed status.


'Six-figure' deal to keep a Banksy mural Spy Booth

A reported "six-figure" deal to keep a Banksy mural which targets the issue of Government surveillance at its current site is nearly complete, an art dealer has claimed.

Banksy mural 'Spy Booth' . Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Robin Barton, from London art gallery Bankrobber, said he was approached by the owner of the Grade II listed building, on which the Spy Booth artwork is painted, after he was "shocked at the level of vitriol" following reports that the piece may be sold and removed.

The creation shows three 1950s-style agents, wearing brown trench coats and trilby hats, using devices to tap into conversations at a telephone box.


Banksy confirms he is behind spy artwork near GCHQ

Street artist Banksy has confirmed he is behind the artwork which shows shady agents eavesdropping around a telephone box on a street in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The piece appeared three miles from GCHQ, home of the Government's spying network, leading many to speculate that the artist is taking a swipe at the UK's intelligence-gathering methods.

The graffiti depicts figures in sunglasses and trench coats listening in on calls. Credit: SWNS

The mural shows three 1950s-style agents, wearing brown trench coats and trilby hats, using devices to tap into conversations at a telephone box.

The Bristol artist did not officially confirm the piece at the time but claimed responsibility during a question and answer session on his website.

Banksy was asked four questions on his website, including, "Did you paint the spies in Cheltenham?" to which he replied: "Yes".

In reply to another question the artist said the worst thing about street art is: "Having to make your mistakes in public".

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Bristol's Mayor clarifies Banksy mural move

The Mayor of Bristol is hopeful that Banksy's Mobile Lovers piece will be on display at the city's museum over the Easter weekend.

In a statement, George Ferguson said:

“I’m delighted pleased that Dennis, who is a good man, has made a tough judgement call and has turned over the artwork to us, via the police.

'Mobile Lovers' has been taken to Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Credit: ITV News West Country

"No-one’s the bad guy here; we simply need to buy time to establish where ownership lies, what Banksy’s intentions might be, if we were to get some signals, and how best we can move forward.

“I have established with our legal and museum services that we can move ahead on this basis so that, hopefully, it will be on show for people to enjoy at the City Museum and Art Gallery over the Easter weekend. It certainly would have been a cultural crime if this artwork had been lost to the city.

“I’m also asking if Banksy could provide a limited-edition print which could be sold in aid of the club.

"In the meantime we shall be working with a local publisher to produce postcards and prints for sale in aid of Broad Plain Boys' Club. And I have asked for a collection box at the museum for them. This hopefully will represent a win-win for everyone.”

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