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Banksy reworks artwork to mark Syria crisis anniversary

Graffiti artist Banksy has re-worked his famous 'Balloon Girl' to mark the third anniversary of the Syria conflict.

On his website, Banksy writes of an incident in the Syrian town of Daraa on March 6, 2001, in which 15 children were arrested and tortured for painting "anti-authoritarian graffiti".

It goes on: "The protests that followed their detention led to an outbreak of violence across the country that would see a domestic uprising transform into a civil war displacing 9.3 million people from their homes."

On March 15, vigils will be held across the world to mark the anniversary of the crisis. They are being organised via #withsyria


Painting altered by Banksy sells for $615,000

An oil painting that has been altered by Banksy has sold for $615,000.

The Bristol-based artist painted a Nazi figure on to an oil painting he bought from a New York charity shop.

After changing the canvas, he handed it back to the shop, where was auctioned.

The banality of the banality of evil by Banksy. Credit: Reuters/Eric Thayer

Banksy called the work The banality of the banality of evil.

It depicts a Nazi officer looking out onto a lake.

Banksy reveals new Staten Island video artwork

Elusive graffiti artist Banksy has revealed his latest installation in the form of a video, as he continues to evade New York authorities. The 30 second clip shows ants on a mound, filmed in Staten Island, but could be seen as too inappropriate to display.

The mysterious Banksy is calling his month in New York his "Better Out Than In" residency.

Banksy reveals new artwork in New York. Credit: Youtube/ Banksy NY

Among his works so far: the image of a Ronald McDonald statue getting his red clown shoe shined, which appeared in the Bronx on Tuesday, and a livestock truck adorned with children's stuffed farm animal toys - a mobile installation Banksy calls "Sirens of the Lambs."

Banksy owner 'hires security guards' to protect mural

A new owner of an original Banksy artwork has said she has no idea what to do with the piece, according to the New York Magazine.

Accidental owner of a Banksy had more questions than answers. Credit:

Cara Tabachnick, who owns the East Williamsburg building that Banksy graced with his work on Thursday asks: "Should we preserve it immediately? Do we have a public duty to do so? How does one preserve a piece of art like this? How do we control the crowds?"

So far she and her family have hired security guards to protect the piece from defacement overnight, and she is working with lawyers to try and figure out what to do next.


Crowds gather to catch glimpse of Banksy artwork

Large crowds have gathered in New York to catch a glimpse of Banksy's latest exhibition in the city, which features two new paintings.

The artwork features drawings of a security guard and a water cooler filled with "cheap wine," as described by Banksy online. Credit: ITV News/Rob Turner

Despite the New York Police Department's investigation into Banksy's real identity - so they can arrest him for defacing public property - the British graffiti artist has unveiled his latest work in West 24th Street.

Banksy has revealed his artwork during his six-month residency in New York. Credit: ITV News/Rob Turner

Crowds in New York gather to see latest Banksy artwork

Crowds have gather to see Banksy's latest exhibition, displayed in West 24th Street, which includes two paintings, a security guard and even a water cooler filled with "cheap wine," as described in the accompanying audio guide.

The latest exhibition unveiled by Banksy attracts crowds in New York. Credit: ITV News/Matt Williams
Crowds attempt to get a glimpse of Banksy's latest work in New York. Credit: ITV News/Adam Blair

Hunt for elusive artist Banksy continues in New York

US police are continuing to investigate the identity of mysterious British graffiti artist Banksy in New York.

He is being tracked across the city by the New York Police Department (NYPD) over his "defacing" drawings.

Earlier today Banksy released his latest artwork during his six-month residency in the city.

ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports from New York:

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