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Barack Obama arrives in Australia ahead of G20 talks

US President Barack Obama has arrived in Australia to join other world leaders at the G20 summit in Brisbane.

Barack Obama waved upon leaving Air Force One before shaking hands with a greeting party standing on the airport tarmac at Brisbane. Credit: RTV
Mr Obama is due to deliver a speech on America's leadership in the Asia-Pacific region at the outset of the global gathering. Credit: RTV
Mr Obama will spend time with the G20 host, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, at a bilateral meeting along with the rest of the summit schedule. Credit: RTV


President Obama: Ebola will be defeated

President Barack Obama has said that Ebola "will be defeated" but added that the world had to "stay vigilant" and be led by scientific knowledge rather than fear.

He emphasised that only two people had contracted the disease on US soil, and that both have now recovered.

He said US volunteers who go to West Africa should be "applauded, thanked and supported".

President Obama thanks US workers on Ebola 'frontline'

US President Barack Obama has paid tribute to the Americans working to control the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, noting that their work is "starting to have an impact".

President Obama delivers a statement

He said he had spoken to some of the workers at the forefront of the effort who reported "some progress in Liberia".

"We don't want to discourage our healthcare workers from going to the frontline," he said, adding that the US "needs to provide support" for them when they return.

He said that Americans are "doing God's work over there" and that they must be "applauded".

Obama 'very shaken after tragic' Ottawa attack

President Obama has described the situation in Ottawa as "tragic" after an attack left a soldier dead.

Mr Obama said: "Just two days ago a soldier was killed in an attack...we now know a young man was killed today.

"We don't yet have all the information on what motivated the shooting, if this was the work of a broader network or plan or an individual that chose to take these actions."

He added: "I've very familiar with that area and I'm reminded of how warmly I was received and I'm obviously very shaken by it."


Obama: New York restaurant declined my credit card

US President Barack Obama has revealed he recently had his credit card declined at a New York restaurant.

According to NBC News, Mr Obama recounted the incident while signing an executive order to protect consumers from fraud.

Barack Obama, who signed in his order at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, said he was rescued by his wife after his card was rejected. Credit: Reuters/Larry Downing

"It turned out, I guess, I don't use it enough to so they thought there was some fraud going on," Mr Obama said.

The president's meal was still paid for without any emergency action, thanks to the First Lady.

"Fortunately, Michelle had (her card)," Mr Obama explained.

Obama: 'Lessons learned' about Ebola must be shared

President Barack Obama has been briefed by US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director Tom Frieden and senior members of his administration about the second case of Ebola in Dallas.

President Barack Obama listens to CDC director Tom Frieden via the phone. Credit: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Obama stressed that "lessons learned" from the CDC's investigation should be shared with hospitals and healthcare workers across the country, the White House said.

Obama calls for action as second Ebola case confirmed

President Obama has demanded immediate action to ensure that hospitals and health workers follow the correct protocol when dealing with potential Ebola cases.

It follows confirmation that a female health worker who treated a male Ebola patient in Dallas, Texas has contracted the virus.

ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports:

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