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Obama 'ready to pass the baton' says Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has tweeted that Barack Obama is "ready to pass the baton" of the leadership of the United States over to her.

The Democratic nominee for president was given a rousing endorsement by the current president last night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

She tweeted this picture of the two of them waving to crowds.


Obama's legacy partly defined by who succeeds him

Barack Obama's legacy will be partly defined by who follows him as US president, according to ITV News' Washington correspondent Robert Moore.

Mr Obama will be campaigning for Hillary Clinton all over the country in the run-up to the election in November, as Robert Moore reports from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Justice department 'must do all it can in Dallas probe'

US President Barack Obama. Credit: Reuters

Barack Obama has said the US Justice Department should do all it can to support the investigation into the Dallas shooting, which left five officers dead and seven wounded.

The US president said Americans of all races and backgrounds are angered by African Americans and Latinos being treated differently in the US criminal justice system.

Mr Obama insisted that he does not believe the US is as divided as some have suggested, and called on Americans to "take a step back" and ensure they do not engage in "destructive rhetoric".

He added that the US is unique among advanced countries in the scale of violence that it country experiences, and repeated calls for the need for gun control.

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