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Russia 'regrets' US decision to expel diplomats

Russia said it 'regrets' the US step to expel 35 of its diplomats Credit: Reuters

Russia has said it regrets the US's move to expel 35 of its diplomats and impose sanctions on individuals in response to alleged hacking and harassment.

A Kremlin spokesman described the step as a sign of Washington's "aggressive foreign policy."

Moscow warned that its own retaliations would be "adequate," adding that President Vladimir Putin would decide how to respond.

Russia also labelled the move by Barack Obama "unlawful" and questioned the efficiency of the latest tactic.

The spokesperson said the sanctions had the potential to damage diplomatic relations between the two countries, adding that he was unsure if incoming President Donald Trump would approve of such a move.

Russian embassy in 'lame duck' jibe to Barack Obama

The Russian UK embassy tweeted its disapproval at the sanctions Credit: PA

Russia's UK embassy responded to news that Barack Obama had expelled 35 of its diplomats from the US with a picture of a "lame duck".

The embassy tweeted a picture of a baby duck with the word "lame" superimposed on it.

Included was a message that read: "President Obama expels 35 [Russian] diplomats in Cold War deja vu.

"As everybody, incl people, will be glad to see the last of this hapless Adm."

Credit: Russian Embassy, UK



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