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President Obama to make historic trip to Hiroshima

Credit: Carlos Barria/Reuters

Barack Obama is to become the first serving US President to visit Hiroshima, which was hit by an American atomic bomb at the end of the second world war.

He will make the historic visit during a trip to Japan and Vietnam later this month according to the White House.

Around 140,000 people died after the bomb was dropped on the city in 1945.


Johnson: PM achieved 'two thirds of diddly squat' in EU reform

Boris Johnson has attacked the prime minister for achieving "two thirds of diddly squat" in his pre-referendum negotiations with Brussels.

The London Mayor hit back at his critics for "crowing too soon" in his Daily Telegraph column.

Mr Johnson faced criticism after saying Mr Obama's call for Britain to remain in the EU was "incoherent", "inconsistent", and "downright hypocritical".

On his visit to the UK, Obama said being part of the European Union "enhances Britain's global leadership".

So I gather they think it's game over. The Bremainers think they have bombed us into submission.

They think that we have just seen the turning point in the referendum campaign, and that the British people are so intimidated by these testimonials - American presidents, business leaders, fat cats of every description - that they now believe the British people will file meekly to the polls in two months time and consent to stay in the EU; and thereby to the slow and insidious erosion of democracy in this country.

If that is indeed the view of the Remain campaign, they are crowing too soon.

– Boris Johnson


Obama: 'Merkel on right side of history over refugee crisis'

President Obama says Merkel is on the 'right side of history' on the refugee crisis. Credit: Reuters

US President Barack Obama on Sunday praised German Chancellor Angela Merkel's handling of Europe's migrant crisis saying "she is on the right side of history."

Speaking at a news conference at the opening of a trade show in Hanover, Obama praised her reaction to the millions of refugees and migrants fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa.

"In this globalised world, it is very difficult for us to simply build walls."

The President also said the free trade deal between the European Union and United States must move forward.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement which supporters say could boost each economy by $100 billion is still being negotiated.

Tens of thousands marched against the deal in Germany on Saturday warning it could undermine the rights of workers and consumers and weaken environmental protections.

Obama takes time out for spot of golf with Cameron

Obama is known as a keen golfer and Saturday's are, when possible, his usual golf day. Credit: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

U.S. President Barack Obama has found time during his official whirlwind visit to the UK to take time out for a spot of golf with Prime Minister David Cameron.

The two politicians played a round of golf at The Grove, just north of London today, after Obama met with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to discuss "the challenges facing post-industrial societies and the power of global corporation".

The US President has played a round or two of the sport against many prominent world leaders during his time in office. Credit: REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth
Obama and Cameron are also expected to dine together later this evening. Credit: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Barack Obama to meet Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn. Credit: Reuters

President Barack Obama will meet Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Saturday, the White House said.

The meeting is expected to be closed to the media.

Mr Corbyn has been an outspoken critic of President Obama's foreign policy, once referring to him as a "Pentagon president like all the others".

President Obama and First Lady arrive for Kensington Palace dinner

President Obama and the First Lady have been welcomed by the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry at Kensington Palace, where they will have dinner this evening.

The Duke, Duchess and Prince Harry talk with the President and First Lady Credit: PA
The Duke of Cambridge chats with the President and First Lady before dinner at Kensington Palace Credit: Kensington Palace
The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry talk with the First Lady before dinner at Kensington Palace Credit: Kensington Palace
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