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Queen and Duke greet President Obama at Windsor Castle

The Queen shakes hands with President Obama. Credit: ITV News

US President Barack Obama has arrived at Windsor Castle to have lunch with the Queen.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will host a private lunch for the US President and his wife Michelle at Windsor Castle.

It is a post-birthday affair for the Queen, who turned 90 yesterday, so the Obamas are expected to come bearing a gift.

The Obamas will have lunch at Windsor Castle. Credit: RTV

'Leave campaigners can't claim Obama has no right to speak'

Leave campaigners "can't claim" they want a closer relationship with the US and then say that President Obama has "no right to speak" about the EU referendum, according to Labour MP Alan Johnson.

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship tweeted:


President Obama arrives in UK for official visit

US President Barack Obama has arrived in the UK for an official four-day visit which will see him meet the Queen for her birthday celebrations, have dinner with William and Kate, and try to persuade British voters not to leave the EU.

The President touched down aboard Air Force One at Stansted Airport shortly after 9.30pm this evening before transferring on to a private helicopter.


Pro-Brexit MPs warn Barack Obama to stay out of EU debate

The White House has said that the US hopes Britain remains in the EU. Credit: Reuters

Barack Obama has been warned against intervening in the EU debate by pro-Brexit MPs ahead of his visit to Britain next month.

In an open letter the cross-party group said it would be an "unfortunate milestone" at the end of the US president's time in office should he enter the debate with even a "passive diplomatic recommendation".

Labour backbencher Kate Hoey said the letter aims to caution Mr Obama that "feelings will run high" if he expresses a side in the debate.

"We would certainly never think of visiting the United States and telling the US public how to vote in an election or the amendment of their constitution."

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