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Former Chelsea goalkeeper joins Leeds

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Ross Turnbull has joined Leeds from Barnsley on a free transfer.

The 30-year old, who has also played for Middlesbrough in the Premier League, has penned a two-year deal.


Britain's 'cheapest supermarket' to open this month

The country's cheapest supermarket is set to open this month, stocked with food other stores have thrown out.

Britain's cheapest supermarket opens this month in South Yorkshire and is stocked with cut-price food other stores have thrown out. Credit: ITV News Calendar

The UK's first "social supermarket", in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, will be open to shoppers with membership cards whose income falls below a set threshold.

IDS: 'This is about fairness in the system'

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has said that housing benefit changes that have been introduced today are about "fairness".

In response to criticisms of the so-called 'bedroom tax', he said: "The reality is this is about getting our housing benefit back into order".

"This is about fairness. It's about fairness to those who pay vast sums of money in taxation to see that people living in subsidised accommodation who often don't use the bedrooms they've got, while others in overcrowded accommodation.... they can't get the accommodation they need.

"This is a nonsense problem that was created by the last government who didn't build enough housing and didn't manage the housing stock properly".


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Duck shot with crossbow bolt

The RSPCA is investigating after a duck was shot by a crossbow bolt in Dearne Valley Park in Barnsley. They say anyone convicted of shooting the animal could face a six-month prison sentence and a £5,000 fine. The duck appears to be mobile and is being monitored by the charity.

The duck is still able to get about Credit: RSPCA
The RSPCA believe the bolt entered through the duck's ear canal Credit: RSPCA

Acceptable or Not?: Barnsley school gives out 'swearing worksheet'

The school said the worksheet was part of lessons aimed at teaching what kind of language is appropriate

A school in Barnsley has given out a worksheet containing some of the most offensive swear words.

Some parents and pupils are said to have reacted angrily, saying the language, which they were asked to comment on and say whether they were appropriate words to use in different situations, was "horrifying".

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