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US daredevil performs 'The Human Arrow' stunt in China

A US daredevil and BASE-jumper has ripped through a target on China's Great Wall in the latest of a string of stunts.

Jebb Corliss, 40, skydived from a helicopter dressed in a wingsuit to perform a feat known as 'The Human Arrow' on Sunday.

The feat involves falling 6,000ft, soaring through the air at 120mph and punching through a target the size of an apple.

Prior to the flight Mr Corliss compared his feat to the precision of an arrow:

One of the most ancient forms of human competition is archery, people have been doing archery for thousands of years and I though how amazing would it be to take archery, this ancient competition and bring it into modern times, where the human being becomes the arrow and be basically punch through miniature small bulls eyes, you know?

And I thought, is it even possible? Could a human being travelling in a wing suit at like 120 miles an hour after getting out of a helicopter one mile away from their target, could they hit an apple sized target with a Go Pro? And that was the idea.

– BASE-jumper Jebb Corliss

But the flight, which was originally planned for Saturday, did not go off without a hitch, having been postponed due to winds which Corliss said could "basically kill you".

Mr Corliss has previously jumped from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Seattle's Space Needle, the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and from the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.