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Baseball fan dies after falling from top deck of stadium

Fans looked on in shock as the man was treated at the scene. Credit: Reuters

A baseball fan has died after falling 50ft from the top deck of a stadium during a match.

The spectator plunged into the lower-level stands at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia, during a game between the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves.

Witnesses said the man was shouting at Alex Rodriguez when the Yankees slugger came to the plate, lost his balance and fell onto the concrete below.

The man was treated at the scene for around 10 minutes before being taken to hospital, but medical teams were unable to save him.

The Atlanta Braves said in a statement: "We have received confirmation that the fan involved in an accident at this evening's game has passed away. The Atlanta Braves offer their deepest condolences to the family."

Giants win World Series

The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series after securing a 3-2 victory over the Kansas City Royals in Game Seven.

The Giants have now won three World Series in five years after their success in 2010 and 2012.

Madison Bumgarner, right, had another great game. Credit: Reuters

Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, who was later named Most Valuable Payer, subsequently pitched five scoreless innings to secure victory for his side.


Baseball fan sues team's mascot over hot dog incident

A US baseball fan is suing the Kansas City Royals after he was allegedly hit in the eye by a hot dog thrown by the team's mascot, according to US reports.

The Kansas City Royals' mascot Sluggerrr. Credit: REUTERS/Dave Kaup

The supporter claims the incident left him needing two operations, one to repair a damaged retina and the other to remove a cataract that later formed.

The Royals' mascot Sluggerrr is accused of hitting the 53-year-old in the eye with a foil-wrapped hot dog in September 2009.

Baseball teams have a special rule that protects them against injuries to fans caused by events on the field.

The Missouri Supreme Court is now discussing whether that law should apply to injuries caused by mascots.

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