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Coe admits he's 'flattered' to be BBC chair 'front-runner'

As the front-runner to be the next chairman of the BBC Trust Lord Coe has admitted he is "flattered" to be considered for the job.

The former middle distance runner did not deny he had been approached about the role when he was contacted by the Telegraph.

Lord Coe with David Cameron during the London Olympics. Credit: Michael Kappeler/DPA/Press Association Images.

He told the newspaper: "I think you will find that whenever any job at the moment comes up I seem to be slated in for it.

"Either the Mayor of London, Fifa, International Olympic Committee. I'm very flattered, thank you, but I've actually just got off a plane. I have absolutely nothing more to say."

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Seb Coe would be 'first rate choice' for the BBC

I think it's fantastic news for the BBC and British broadcasting.

Seb Coe is a great leader, I've worked with him a lot over the last few years and I think he'll demand very high standards of the BBC.

I think he'll be exactly in the right tradition of British broadcasting.

A first rate choice.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London


Boris Johnson: Britain living in a 'Boko Haram world'

London Mayor Boris Johnson has claimed the treatment of a veteran BBC radio DJ, who quit because he accidentally played a song with the N-word in it was "utterly disgraceful".

Speaking to The Telegraph, London Mayor Boris Johnson said Britain was living in a "Boko Haram world", in reference to the terrorist network that kidnapped over 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson called the treatment of Mr Lowe "utterly disgraceful" Credit: Cyril Villemain/ABACAPRESS.COM

"There is certainly no logic at the BBC. They should restore Mr Lowe to his job - if he will take it - and the entire BBC board should go down to Devon to apologise in person, and at their own expense."

He added: "Their treatment of this man is utterly disgraceful".

Lord Patten steps down as chairman of BBC Trust

The chair of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten, is resigning from his position immediately on health grounds after undergoing major heart surgery.

The former Conservative minister was admitted to hospital at the end of April with severe chest pains before having a combination of bypass surgery and an angioplasty.

Lord Patten decided to step down after being told by doctors to reduce his workload. Credit: PA/PA Wire

In a statement Lord Patten said his doctors had advised him to "reduce the range of roles" he takes on.

On stepping down from the BBC Trust, he said:

"This is a position that requires and has received from me 100 per cent commitment, and has been my priority at all times.

"It would not be fair to my family to continue as before; and equally it would not be fair to the BBC and those it serves not to be able to give that commitment which the role demands."


Nigel Farage defends 'typical Clarkson' over n-word row

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has defended Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson over the n-word row, saying it was "typical" of the BBC broadcaster.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has defended Jeremy Clarkson. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Asked about the Clarkson row Mr Farage said: "The more controversial Jeremy Clarkson is, the more people watch his programme, and the more money the BBC makes out of marketing a show that sells globally and makes them a fortune.

"I would think it's just typical Clarkson, getting very, very close to the line of being offensive but perhaps not quite going over it," he said.

Mr Farage made the comments as he launched Ukip's billboard campaign for the Euro-elections against the backdrop of the cliffs of Dover.

BBC gives Clarkson 'final warning' after racism row

Jeremy Clarkson has attacked his employers at the BBC for urging him to apologise following claims he used racist language and said he is on his final warning from the broadcaster.

The BBC have put Jeremy Clarkson on his final warning following a racism row, the Top Gear presenter has said. Credit: PA

The Daily Mirror claimed that during the filming of Top Gear, the presenter used the N-word while reciting nursery rhyme Eeny, Meeny, Miny Moe. The paper posted the unaired footage of the possible racist rhyme on its website.

Writing in his weekly Sun column, Clarkson said: I've been told by the BBC that if I make one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time, I will be sacked.

"And even the angel Gabriel would struggle to survive with that hanging over his head.

"It's inevitable that one day, someone, somewhere will say that I've offended them, and that will be that."

He added: "But saying sorry for using the most racist word of them all and hoping the story would die down as a result?

"...It's something I hadn't done."

Labour's Harman: Clarkson 'has no place at BBC'

Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman has called for the BBC to sack Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson over the use of the N-word.

The shadow culture secretary said anybody who used the word "in whatever context" should have no place at the broadcaster.

Her intervention came after Education Secretary Michael Gove urged the corporation not to axe Clarkson.

Pop star Jamelia calls for Jeremy Clarkson to be sacked

Jamelia said she is "offended" when she hears racist language anywhere. Credit: Reuters

Singer Jamelia has called for the BBC to sack Jeremy Clarkson following allegations he used racist language whilst filming Top Gear.

Talking on the Loose Women chat show today, she told her fellow panellists: "Personally, I believe the BBC should exercise zero tolerance. He has got to go.

"He is in a position of power and influence and there are so many people of many different races who watch his shows and that should not be in your vocabulary, it should not be in your head."

"As a black woman I am offended when I hear it anywhere," the Superstar singer said.

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