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Furious protesters struggle with police in Beijing

Family members and protesters furious over the Malaysian government's handling of the missing plane have clashed with police in Beijing.

During a heated demonstration, several people struggled and eventually broke past police officers in an attempt to march toward the Malaysian embassy in the Chinese capital.

At one point protesters - many of whom chanted "return our families" - demanded that media, who had been cordoned off into several zones by police, follow them to the Malaysian embassy.

According to Reuters news agency, police officers physically removed several of the family members from the scene.


  1. Lucy Watson

MH370 families protest on streets of Beijing

Family members of those on board the missing flight MH370 have been allowed to protest through the streets of Beijing against the Malaysian government.

Lucy Watson / ITV News

It is a rare public protest in Beijing as 154 families of passengers voice their discontent at what they describe as "despicable" conduct by the Malaysian authorities.

Lucy Watson / ITV News
  1. Lucy Watson

MH370 families protest at Malaysian Embassy in Beijing

Man ignites gunpowder in arrivals hall of Beijing Airport

Policemen and security personnel are seen at the arrival gate B where an explosion occurred at Terminal 3. Credit: REUTERS/Jason Lee

A man detonated a small bag of black powder, believed to be gunpowder normally used to make fire crackers, in the arrivals hall of Terminal 3 at Beijing Capital International Airport.

The official Xinhua News Agency said a Chinese man in a wheelchair set off the device outside the arrivals exit of Terminal 3 at around 6:24 pm.

The man was injured in the ensuing explosion but no one else was hurt. Police and security personnel treated his injuries and led him away.

Staff at Beijing Capital International Airport clear up the aftermath of the explosion. Credit: REUTERS/Jason Lee


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