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Lib Dems: Tory plans 'are all stick no carrot'

Conservative plans for young benefits claimants are "all stick and no carrot", a Liberal Democrat spokesman has said.

Speaking as David Cameron unveiled plans to have such claimants take on unpaid community work or be stripped of their benefits, the spokesman said

These placements are not designed to help someone into work, more to punish.

Young people should be given help and support into the workplace, help at job centres and the opportunity to get on in life, not just written off as feckless and lazy.

We must make sure young people leave school with the skills they need to succeed, which is why Liberal Democrats will protect education spending.

– Lib Dem spokesman

Cameron: Benefits claimants 'must make an effort'

Young people who are out of work, education or training for six months will have their benefits stripped unless they take on unpaid community work, David Cameron has announced, saying they must "make an effort".

"You should either be earning or learning," the Prime Minister told an audience in Hove.

"They need the order and discipline of turning up for work each day, so a Conservative Government would require them to do daily community work from the very start of their claim for unemployment benefit," Cameron said.

"From day one they must play their part and make an effort".


Cameron: Work must always be rewarded

David Cameron has said work "must always be rewarded" as he set out his party's benefits plan ahead of the next election.

Prime Minister David Cameron. Credit: ITV News

"Our vision is one that rewards work," the Prime Minister said.

"Rewarding work shouldn't stop with the welfare system, once they're in work we should be rewarding them more," he added.

PM: Tory plan 'to be felt in people's pockets and hearts'

As Prime Minister David Cameron unveils the Conservative Party's plans for youth benefits, ITV News Political Correspondent Emily Morgan reports:


Overseas-only job adverts could be banned

The Government is consulting on plans to ban overseas-only advertising of jobs, by legally requiring employment agencies to seek applicants for posts in Britain.

Theresa May says reforms will make Britain "less attractive" for those coming for the "wrong reasons". Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

New plans to restrict the number of JobCentre Plus vacancies automatically advertised on an EU-wide employment portal will also be floated.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: "We are building an immigration system that is fair to British citizens and legitimate migrants, but tough on those who abuse it or flout the law.

"The Immigration Act is a landmark piece of legislation that will make Britain a less attractive place for those who come here for the wrong reasons, and allow us to remove more people when they have no right to remain."

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