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Bill Gates: Brexit will not affect science and research

Bill Gates Credit: Pool

The science and research industry in the UK will not be negatively affected by Brexit, Bill Gates has predicted.

Speaking during a plenary on leadership in science and innovation at the Grand Challenge Annual Meeting - a conference attended by more than 1,000 scientists - the Microsoft founder added he believed there was already a stronger research relationship between the UK and the US, than between the UK and other European Union countries.

The billionaire continued that more needed to be done to draw in developing nations and their institutions when researching diseases as often they provided links to where preventable illnesses are.

While the 60-year-old did concede there was "some uncertainty" about exactly how collaborations between different countries would take place post-Brexit, he added he believed "the basic strengths of the institutions that are here and the opportunities that exist will overcome the uncertainties we have".

Speaking in London, Mr Gates stressed that Brexit negotiations should ensure the ability of scientists to move around easily and that funding should be guaranteed once that from the EU ends.

Bill Gates: Collaboration vital in eradicating diseases

Bill Gates speaks at the Grand Challenge Annual Meeting. Credit: Pool

The public and private sectors need to work together more closely in eradicating diseases, Bill Gates has said.

Speaking during a plenary on leadership in science and innovation at the Grand Challenge Annual Meeting, the Microsoft founder said the issue was that the private sector was good at developing drugs over a long-term as these could be marketed, while the public sector was good at responding to pandemics, something less financially beneficial to the private sector.

The billionaire highlighted the Zika virus as a good case of the two sectors working well together, arguing that more collaborative work such as this would be beneficial.

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