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Police charge 'drink-driver who sped at 100mph'

A motorist has been charged with drink-driving while allegedly speeding at 100 mph.

The motorist was allegedly drink-driving at more than 100mph. Credit: PA Wire

Police said the driver was arrested after being stopped in roadworks on the A38(M) in Birmingham, where a temporary 30mph limit is currently in place.

Officers said the driver was more than double the legal limit after a reading of 72 microgrammes of alcohol was recorded while in custody.

The driver, who has not been named by police, is due to appear in court on February 10.


Emerson: I will apologise to Birmingham as long as I live

Fox News contributor Steven Emerson has said he will apologise to the people of Birmingham "for as long as he lives" for falsely claiming the city was a "no-go" city for non-Muslims.

Mr Emerson, who said he is a self-employed terrorism analyst, sparked outrage when he told a Fox News segment that Birmingham was "a totally Muslim city where non-Muslims simply don't go in".

He told ITV News that he has now made a £500 donation to the cancer ward at Birmingham Children's Hospital by way of apology to people in the city.

He had been talking about so-called Islamification in Europe and "no-go" areas when he identified Birmingham.

It was a mistake that was inexcusable, and I apologise, and I will continue to apologise to every resident of Birmingham as long as I live.

– Steven Emerson

Fox 'terror expert': Hearing my comments was torture

A Fox News 'terror expert' has said hearing his own claim that Birmingham was a "a totally Muslim city where non-Muslims simply don't go in" played back to him was torture "like waterboarding".

The comments sparked an almost immediate backlash on social media, with users sharing sarcastic pseudo-facts about life in Birmingham under the hashtag #FoxNewsFacts.

In an interview with Sky News, Steven Emerson claimed full responsibility for his comments, saying they were down to "sloppy research" and that he was "deeply mortified" by what he said.

It was an inexcusable error for which there is no excuse whatsoever.

Hearing it over when you played it was like waterboarding, I guess.

– Steven Emerson
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Prime Minister: Steven Emerson is 'clearly an idiot'

The Prime Minister has told ITV News that Steven Emerson is "clearly an idiot".

The Fox News commentator claimed Birmingham is "a totally Muslim city where non-Muslims simply don't go in".

David Cameron said he "choked on his porridge" when he heard Emerson's comments. The Prime Minister added that the Fox News commentator should look to Birmingham as "a fantastic example" of a city that brings people of different faiths together.

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