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ITV News reporters battle extreme weather

Watch ITV News reporter Damon Green describe the incredible winds and severe conditions battering the Blackpool seafront.

Martha Fairlie reports from Colwyn Bay in Wales where drivers have had to pull over and are being cared for by the Red Cross because of the extreme weather.


RNLI tweet dramatic pictures from base

Gary Barlow 'should know Blackpool answer by midday'

Gary Barlow has said that he should be able to announce at midday whether he will be able to play a last-minute slot at Blackpool Illuminations concert tomorrow.

The singer and X-Factor judge made the offer to play when he heard that The Script had pulled out due to a family illness.

Gary Barlow offers to help light up Blackpool

Gary Barlow has offered to be Blackpool's knight in shining armour after The Script were forced to pull out of this year's Illuminations concert.

Gary Barlow has offered to step in after The Script were forced to pull out of the concert. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The Irish band said it was "with deepest regret" that they had to cancel the gig on the 30 August and another at the Leeds Academy the day before "due to a sudden serious family illness".

The X Factor judge wrote on Twitter, "I hear Blackpool are looking for someone to switch the lights on this year? If they'd write a cheque to Children in Need I'd do it?"


Local derby violence condemned by authorities

The Football Association (FA) said it is investigating the matter and will liaise with both clubs and the police. Credit: Clint Hughes/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A pitch invasion which led to a football steward being trampled by a police horse has been labelled "completely unacceptable" by police chiefs, who vowed to prosecute the troublemakers.

The behaviour towards officers and match stewards from some fans at last night's cup tie derby between Preston North End and Blackpool was criticised as "disgraceful".

Police said "a significant minority of determined people" from both sides were intent on causing trouble on the night and added that those identified would be tracked down and prosecuted.

Two people were arrested for criminal damage to one of the supporters' coaches outside the ground, with another four people held for minor offences.

Police to probe football steward's injury by police horse

Superintendent Richard Morgan, of Lancashire Police, said police officers "responded quickly" to the pitch invasion at the end of the Preston-Blackpool match on Monday night. A steward was struck by a police horse during the disorder.

We are aware that a steward was injured inside the ground and I would like to reassure people that will be looking into the circumstances around how and why that happened.

We have been working closely with the football club in the lead up to and throughout the match. I would like to stress that it is only a minority who have been involved in the disorder with the majority of supporters enjoying the event and getting home safely.

– Superintendent Richard Morgan

Pitch invasion followed Capital One Cup game

John McDougall, who was reporting from the match for the Press Association, said: "It was a feisty game - not a dirty one - and there was clearly local pride at stake.

"At the end of the game there was a pitch invasion and some of the Preston fans went over towards the Blackpool supporters in the away end.

"Police, both on foot and mounted, formed a wall between the two sets of fans. It took about five or 10 minutes for them to clear the supporters.

"Both managers have condemned the pitch invasion."

Lancashire Police have confirmed they are looking into the incident.

Steward trampled by horse after Preston-Blackpool tie

A football steward appeared to be trampled by a police horse following a pitch invasion at the end of the Capital One Cup game between Preston North End and Blackpool tonight.

Police officers and stewards on the Deepdale pitch at the close of play. Credit: ITV News/Tom Calverley

The steward, who was wearing a hi-vis jacket, was on the Deepdale pitch helping clear fans after the hosts' late winner prompted scores of supporters to run from the stands to congratulate the players.

But one steward appeared to be struck by a police horse as it cantered across the pitch, while another horse - also helping with crowd dispersal - seemed to clip the steward as he lay on the ground.

Tom Clarke headed the only goal as the League One side defeated Lancashire rivals Blackpool.

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