President Charles Taylor

Profile: Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor is a former warlord-turned-president. He led a rebel group to that fought to overthrow the government of Liberia in 1997.

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'Taylor provided support to rebel group'

by - ITV News Correspondent

The court has found that Charles Taylor provided material support to the RUF rebel group, including arms, ammunition and personnel. This was in exchange for the commissioning of crimes.

But the prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Taylor was individually responsible for some of the crimes.

No evidence Taylor was 'part of rebel chain of command'

The judge says that although there is evidence that Foday Sankoh, the leader of the rebel group Revolutionary United Front (RUF), ordered his officials to take orders from Charles Taylor, there is no evidence this happened.

The court found that although the relationship between the RUF and Mr Taylor was close, there is no evidence that he was part of the RUF chain of command.


Court summarising Charles Taylor's role in crimes

by - ITV News Correspondent

The Special Court for Sierra Leone sitting in The Hague has found that the alleged crimes were committed in Sierra Leone. It is now dealing with Charles Taylor's role in the crimes.

So far the lead justice has ruled that the prosecution failed to prove Charles Taylor's role in crimes prior to the indictment period.

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