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BNP attacks Ukip as a 'knock-off copy' in slogan row

BNP leader Nick Griffin. Credit: PA

The British National Party leader has attacked the UK Independence Party after Ukip claimed it was "reclaiming" the slogan 'Love Britain Vote Ukip' from the BNP who had previously used a similar line.

Nick Griffin accused Ukip of being a "cheap...knock-off copy of the BNP's genuine alternative to the out-of-touch old parties."

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Ukip 'reclaiming' slogan previously used by BNP

Ukip has claimed it is "reclaiming" the slogan "Love Britain Vote Ukip" after it emerged the BNP had used a similar line.

The slogan was draped on large banners on either side of the main conference stage in Torquay, where Ukip is holding its spring gathering today. It is also on the cover of a conference brochure.

In the past, the BNP used the slogan "Love Britain Vote BNP", together with an image of Marmite.

The comparison was highlighted on the Guido Fawkes Order Order blog as party members gathered at the conference.

A Ukip spokeswoman said Ukip was "reclaiming" the line by using it.


BNP teacher takes Michael Gove to court over ban

BNP activist Adam Walker pictured outside Leeds Crown Court today. Credit: PA

A teacher who is an activist with the British National Party has taken the Education Secretary and the regulatory body to court after he was struck off for life.

Adam Walker is challenging the ban authorised by Michael Gove which followed him receiving a suspended sentence for verbally abusing three schoolboys, chasing them in his car and slashing the tyres on their bikes with a Stanley knife.

At the Administrative Court sitting in Leeds, the 44-year-old claimed the decision to ban him for life was "prejudiced" because of his BNP support.

Mr Walker, an IT teacher who qualified in 2000, appeared before a conduct committee in 2010 after he labelled some immigrants "savage animals" on an internet forum using a school laptop.

BNP: 'Schumacher would do anything to be bankrupt'

The BNP's head press officer Simon Darby reportedly said "Michael Schumacher has millions in the bank, but he'd do anything to be in Nick's (Griffin) position now" after the party's leader was declared bankrupt.

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The racing driver, who suffered a severe head injury while skiing off-piste in the resort of Meribel in France last Sunday, remains in an artificially-induced coma in hospital.

BNP leader Nick Griffin declared bankrupt for a year

Nick Griffin at a protest in June Credit: ITV News

BNP leader Nick Griffin will be automatically discharged from bankruptcy in one year, on January 2 2015, in accordance with the Insolvency Act.

He was elected as a member of the European Parliament for the North West region of England in 2009. He has vowed to stand again in May.

The Electoral Commission said bankruptcy in itself does not bar someone from being an MEP or standing for election, but only if a bankruptcy restrictions order or debt relief restrictions order was made - which did not occur in Mr Griffin's case.

Griffin: 'Being bankrupt does not prevent me being or standing as an MEP'

BNP leader Nick Griffin is declared bankrupt

The BNP leader Nick Griffin has confirmed he has been declared bankrupt, but that it does not affect his role as an MEP:


A note for all: Being bankrupt does NOT prevent me being or standing as an MEP. It does free me from financial worries. A good day!


Party funds are not affected in any way. Our campaign in May will be our most professional yet & I will be lead candidate in the North West.

A listing at the Insolvency Service showed Mr Griffin was declared bankrupt at Welshpool and Newtown County Court yesterday.


Anti-facist protesters claim 'victory' over BNP

The group Unite Against Facism (UAF) has claimed a "victory" over the BNP after both took part in protests in Westminster:


Victory to anti-fascists #BNP did not pass! We are the majority fascists are few. Up + down country we out-numbered them #UAF #NoPasaran

The tweet came after police arrested 58 UAF members during the protests.

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