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Bob Geldof: UK 'marriage needs to advance together'

Bob Geldof flew in from America for the rally Credit: PA Wire

Bob Geldof said the UK was a "marriage" that needed to "advance together" at a pro-Scotland union rally in London.

Geldof, who flew in from America for the rally, told the crowds who had gathered in Trafalgar Square that all of the UK is disillusioned with Parliament and Scotland needed to stay to help resolve the issue.

"This argument needs to be had amongst us all. You can't just selfishly resolve it unto yourself by taking an easy opt out clause," he said.

He said the UK was "one of the greatest ideas invented for the modern age" that needed to "advance together".


Geldof: Billy Connolly 'as strong as an ox'

Sir Bob Geldof said his friend Billy Connolly is "as strong as an ox" and backed the comedian not to be deterred by the initial stages of Parkinson's disease and his surgery for prostate cancer.

Sir Bob told Channel 5 News: "Pam [his wife] and Bill are great mates. He’s as strong as an ox mentally from everything he’s been through as a kid. So I don’t think this will deter him from being that individual that we know.”

Geldof set for space trip in 2015

Bob Geldof says he will be the first Irishman to journey into space. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Bob Geldof is set to blast off into space as a passenger on a commercial flight.

The singer was offered the trip after his band, the Boomtown Rats, agreed to play a concert at a charity ball at the Natural History Museum, London, where seats on the flight will be auctioned off for good causes.

He said: "Being the first Irishman in space is not only a fantastic honour but pretty mind-blowing...The First Rock Astronaut - Space Rat! Elvis may have left the building but Bob Geldof will have left the planet! Wild!"

The flights, which will take place in 2015, will be auctioned at the high-society event next month along with a diamond-encrusted watch and a car ride with former Formula One drivers.

Peaches Geldof has baby on mum's birthday

Peaches Geldof. Credit: PA

Peaches Geldof has given birth to her second baby - on what would have been her mother's birthday

The former wildchild, 24, who already has a son called Astala with husband Thomas Cohen, gave birth on Wednesday to a boy called Phaedra, her spokeswoman said.

Geldof's mother, Paula Yates, died of a drug overdose in 2000.

The couple married last year in Kent.


  1. Sally Biddulph: ITV News reporter

Bob Geldof 'fed up' with Olympic traffic disruption

Bob Geldof arrives at the Sports For Peace Gala at the V&A Museum in London. Credit: PA

Bob Geldof tells me he's escaping London during the Olympics as he's already fed up with traffic disruption.

We're at a pre-Olympics party hosted by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the V&A museum.

So far we have also seen Victoria Hervey, Boris Becker and Nancy Dell'Olio walk the red carpet.

Bob Geldof: The G8 should do more to help the food crisis

Celebrity campaigner Bob Geldof says the G8 Nations can and should do more to help countries like Ethiopia.

On a trip back to a refugee camp near the Ethiopia -Somalia border with ITV Africa Correspondent Rohit Kachroo he blasted the world's richest nations for breaking their aid promises to the poorest.

He also talked about the concept of "food security" which is something the Obama government are set to make a number of pledges on during the G8 meeting next week. Food security is a term used to describe both the availability and access to food for the world's poorest.

Food security across the continent of Africa is being threatened by the continuing rise of food prices.

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