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Fighter jets called into action after airliner bomb scare

A U.S. F15 takes off from the air base of Cervia in the northern Italy in this April 2, 1999 Credit: Reuters

Two F-15 fighters were scrambled to escort flight 787 with 179 passengers and nine crew on board, after a woman handed a flight attended a note saying that she had a bomb surgically implanted in her.

Passengers were not aware of the two fighter jets because they were advised to keep their shades down during a film, said Stuart Frankel, from Baltimore.

US jet diverted after bomb threat

Law enforcement officials stand near a jet bridge next to the passenger jet on the tarmac Credit: PA

A jet on a flight from Paris to North Carolina was diverted over security fears after a French passenger handed a note to a flight attendant saying she had a surgically-implanted device.

An examination by doctors aboard the US Airways plane found that the passenger, a French citizen born in Cameroon, had no scars, an official said.

The woman was travelling alone without any checked baggage and intended to stay in the US for 10 days.

The FBI and Homeland Security Department warned airlines last summer that terrorists were considering hiding bombs inside humans to evade airport security.