Johnson's iconic hairstyle was exposed to the elements during a helicopter ride.

Boris: The joker bides his time

A politician once noted for his pointed interventions has been rather well-behaved of late. You'd almost think there had been a deal.

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Boris Johnson: EU 'must reform' or UK will leave

The European Union must reform or the UK will be forced leave, Boris Johnson has warned.

The London Mayor hit out at the "morally bankrupt" countries who did not allow foreign workers in but let their citizens work in the UK.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson spoke out ahead of Angela Merkel's visit to the UK this week. Credit: PA

Returning from a skiing holiday in the French Alps, Mr Johnson dismissed claims Britain was the "problem child" of Europe, but warned the UK would need the German Chancellor on their side if there was any hope of reform.

Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Johnson said: "What kind of a system is it that allows French buses on the streets of London, but forbids English ski instructors on the slopes of the French Alps? I will tell you: a system that is morally bankrupt.

"We want reform; and if we don't get it, and we have to leave - well, it won't be because we couldn't obey the club rules. On the contrary - we complied, and they didn't."

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Boris Johnson: Police do an incredible job

London mayor Boris Johnson expressed his sympathy for Mr Duggan's family while emphasising the "incredible pressure" under which firearms officers operated:

On any given day highly trained Metropolitan Police firearms officers can and do face life threatening situations in which they have to make instant judgments under incredible pressure, and yet in the last four years, having responded thousands of times, they have discharged their weapons on just six occasions.

Londoners should feel assured that the police do an incredible job keeping this city safe. I am confident that the Metropolitan Police Service will continue to demonstrate the highest professional standards and after today's verdict continue to work closely with local leaders to strengthen the bond of trust between the police and the public they serve


'Hair brained' mayor spoof not about Boris says BBC

A description of an "incoherent" Mayor of London with "hair-brained" schemes which featured in an episode of Sherlock was not an attack on Boris Johnson, the BBC has said.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Viewers would have seen the comments in a spoof newspaper story briefly on screen during Sunday's edition of the BBC1 show.

Boris said it was up to the BBC if they wanted to use licence fee cash to attack Conservative politicians, which he claimed was the corporation's "raison d'etre".

Mr Johnson - named in the story - was reported to have responded to the wording by saying: "It is elementary my dear Watson, I deduce a simple case of BBC bias."

But speaking on LBC 97.3 this morning, he said: "I think it is perfectly legitimate for people to satirise politicians and there you go."

Lee Rigby murder 'barbaric, heinous and unjustified'

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has condemned the murder of Lee Rigby as barbaric, heinous and completely unjustifiable after Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were found guilty of the Fusilier's murder.

"The murder of Lee Rigby was barbaric, heinous and completely unjustifiable," the Mayor said.

Boris Johnson condemned the murder of Lee Rigby as 'barbaric'. Credit: PA Wire

"Fusilier Rigby was a dedicated and professional young man whose life was taken in the most casual, brazen and horrific fashion, in broad daylight on the streets of London.

"This is a city that prides itself on tolerance, diversity and openness, values that stand in marked contrast to the actions of Lee's killers.

"Lee's courage, and that of those members of the public who sought to protect him, as well as the extraordinary bravery of the police officers involved are what we should remember today."

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Boris describes Clegg as 'great yellow albatross'

London Mayor Boris Johnson has dismissed Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as a "lapdog of David Cameron," describing his role in Government as "decorative".

Accusing the Liberal Democrat leader of holding the Government back from "sensible" policies, the Conservative mayor made clear he looks forward to the day when the coalition is no longer necessary, telling reporters: "The sooner we are shot of the great yellow albatross the better."

Boris Johnson and Nick Clegg photographed together during the London Olympics. Credit: Press Association

Previous exchanges between the pair havebeen more tongue-in-cheek, but when he was reminded of them at aWestminster lunch, Mr Johnson needed littlegoading to give his opinion.

"I don't want to cast aspersions on my fellow err... what is he... he's a radio disc jockey now, isn't he?" said Mr Johnson.

"I'm sure he has many, many important ceremonial duties. He is a sort of lapdog of David Cameron who's been converted by taxidermy into a kind of protective shield, like the Emperor Valerian who was skinned and hung on the wall. That's what he reminds me of.

"He is a very, very decorative part of the constitution.

"Insofar as he fulfils any function at all, it is to stop sensible policy being promulgated by this Government, as far as I can make out. That's basically what he does.

"The sooner we are shot of the great yellow albatross, in my view, the better."

Johnson: Report wrong about cost of 'Boris Island'

London Mayor Boris Johnson has said that a new airport in the Thames Estuary - so-called Boris Island - would cost far less than is claimed in today's Airports Commission report.

According to the report, the scheme could cost between £82 billion and £112 billion and would result in airport charges around three times higher than those projected for Heathrow.

Johnson insisted the total cost would be around £50 billion - £20 billion for transport links and £30 billion for the facility itself, which he predicted could be funded from private investment.


Boris risks fury of Liverpudlians with Beatles comment

Boris Johnson may have upset Liverpudlians yet again. Credit: PA Wire

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson is likely to have raised the ire of Liverpudlians yet again after claiming it was London, not Liverpool, that propelled The Beatles to worldwide fame.

"The greatest band in the world came from Liverpool, but in the end they recorded their stuff in London and it was London that helped propel them around the world," Johnson said during a speech at the London School of Economics entitled "London, the gateway to Britain."

Mr Johnson has been forced to apologise to the people of Liverpool in the past after suggesting Liverpool football fans were partly to blame for the Hillsborough disaster and claiming locals "wallow" in their "victim status", following the murder of contractor Ken Bigley in Iraq.

Boris Johnson: 'stop bashing' the super-rich

Boris Johnson says super-rich should be thanked for employing "eau de cologne-dabbers" Credit: Reuters

London Mayor Boris Johnson has said that people should "stop bashing" the super-rich.

In his column for the Daily Telegraph, Mr Johnson compared them to hard-pressed minorities such as the homeless or Irish travellers for the unfounded vitriol they receive.

He said: "We should be offering them humble and hearty thanks.

"The top one per cent of earners now pay 29.8 per cent of all the income tax and National Insurance received by the Treasury."

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