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Boris Johnson: We're not leaving Europe, we're leaving EU

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has reiterated the Government's stance on Brexit during a visit to Austria, and said: "We're not leaving Europe, we are leaving the European Union".

Mr Johnson added: "We do want a strong European Union, but we also want a strong United Kingdom, and I think we share a vision for a new European partnership."

Speaking alongside Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz before a meeting in Bratislava, Mr Johnson said he wanted "ever closer relations" between the two nations, and hailed the investment given to the London's Emirates Air Line in 2012.

"I'm a proud possessor of a cowbell, given to me by Doppelmayr, I'm proud to say. They built a wonderful cablecar in London.. it was an Austrian investment."


Boris Johnson most senior minister while PM is away

Boris Johnson is currently the most senior duty minister in Whitehall. Credit: Niklas Halle'n / PA Wire

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is currently the most senior duty minister in Whitehall while Theresa May is on holiday, Downing Street has said.

Johnson takes over from Chancellor Philip Hammond who was the senior duty minister last week when the Prime Minister began her annual walking holiday in Switzerland.

However, a Number 10 spokesman stressed that Mrs May still remains in charge of the government even though she is out of the country.

The Prime Minister is very much in charge and is constantly kept abreast of what is going on.

– Number 10 spokesman


Boris Johnson 'shocked and appalled' by Munich attack

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has offered his condolences to people in Munich after a gunman murdered nine people and injured 16 others before killing himself.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: "I am shocked and appalled by the terrible attack Munich, and the loss of life.

"My thoughts are with those injured and the families of those killed. We stand ready to assist our friends in Germany."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also tweeted support:

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