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Boris Johnson 'could become Business Secretary'

Boris Johnson could become Business Secretary if the Conservatives win next year's general election, reports suggest.

Speculation over Boris Johnson's role in a Conservative government has begun. Credit: PA Wire

Following the Johnson's announcement that he will seek to return to parliament next year, the Daily Telegraph report that he could fill the role of Business Secretary when his term as London Mayor ends in 2016.

Mr Johnson would be given an "over-arching role" in charge of infrastructure, the newspaper report.

David Cameron has welcomed Johnson's announcement as "great news", hailing the Mayor of London as one of his "star players".

Papers' reaction to return of 'star player' Boris Johnson

Reaction to Boris Johnson's announcement that he intends to stand for parliament features on a selection of tomorrow's newspaper front pages.

The Daily Mail claim the Boris Johnson "bandwagon was now in full swing" as speculation mounted over the London Mayor's leadership ambitions.

The Guardian suggests the Conservative Party were divided over Johnson's potential return to the Commons and its implications for the party leadership.


Top Lib Dem accuses Boris of 'extraordinary arrogance'

The Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats has accused Boris Johnson of "extraordinary arrogance" after he announced plans to run for Parliament in 2015.

Sir Malcolm Bruce told ITV News it looked as though the Mayor of London was an "opportunist" who thought he could "walk in and out of Parliament" as he pleased.

Tessa Jowell hits out at Boris plan to stay on as mayor

Labour's Tessa Jowell, who is seen as a frontrunner for the party's London mayoral candidacy, has attacked Boris Johnson over his plans to stay on as Mayor even he is elected as an MP.

Mr Johnson announced earlier that he planned to run for Parliament in 2015 but also remain as London mayor until 2016.

Former Cabinet minister Ms Jowell has already said she is standing down from Parliament in 2015 and is believed to be targeting a run at the mayoralty.

She has previously said that “were I Mayor of London, I wouldn’t be like Boris, certainly not”.

Nick Clegg: Boris' EU stance 'deeply irresponsible'

Nick Clegg has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson over the Mayor of London's speech on the EU today.

The Deputy Prime Minister said threats to "flounce out" of the union were "deeply irresponsible" and motivated by Mr Johnson's personal ambitions.

The comment about Mr Johnson's ambitions came after he used a speech about Europe to announce his intention to stand for Parliament in 2015.

Nick Clegg hit out at Boris Johnson over Europe. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire/Press Association Images

“I think this speech is more to do with Boris Johnson’s political ambitions rather than what is right for the United Kingdom," the Lib Dem leader said.

"I think it is deeply irresponsible to suggest that we can flounce out of the European Union and I don’t think it's the way that you get the reform," Mr Clegg added.

Boris: Cameron 'largely' behind plan to run as MP in 2015

Boris Johnson has said it was "largely" David Cameron's idea for him to run as an MP at next year's general election.

The Mayor of London told ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship that he made the announcement today because people were "fed up" of "pussyfooting around" about his future.

Discussing the Prime Minister's views, Mr Johnson claimed it was "largely at his instigation" that he had decided to try to return to Parliament.


Strong support among Tory MPs for Boris plan

Tory MPs have strongly welcomed the news that Boris Johnson plans to run for Parliament in next year's general election.

Former Welsh Secretary David Jones called the announcement "unalloyed good news", while Enfield MP Nick de Bois said Mr Johnson could potentially bring high level executive experience to the Tory team.

Backbencher Anne Marie Morris claimed the response to the move from other parties showed they were "rattled" by the idea of Mr Johnson returning to Parliament.

Boris: 'I can't endlessly go on dodging these questions'

Boris Johnson said today he could not go on "endlessly dodging" questions about his future.

But the Mayor of London played down his chances of success, saying it was "highly likely" he would fail to find a suitable constituency in which to run.

Labour: Boris announcement 'shows how weak PM is'

Labour's Shadow Minister for London, Sadiq Khan, claims Boris Johnson's announcement that he will try to run for Parliament shows David Cameron is "weak".

Sadiq Khan claimed Mr Johnson's announcement showed David Cameron was 'weak'. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

"Boris Johnson's announcement reveals how weak David Cameron is and how out of touch the Tories remain," he said.

"Rather than focusing on helping the millions of Britons suffering from the cost-of-living crisis, the Tories are increasingly turning inwards, focused on leadership battles to come, with David Cameron powerless to do anything about it."

Boris 'didn't tell Cameron' about MP announcement

Boris Johnson did not tell David Cameron about his announcement that he planned to run for Parliament in 2015, the London Mayor has revealed.

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship is following developments.

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