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Johnson: UK-US will work together to deliver shared values

Boris Johnson has reiterated his earlier statement on "looking forward" to working with Donald Trump.

Speaking to reporters, the Foreign Secretary added his own congratulations to those of Prime Minister Theresa May to Mr Trump on his US presidential election win.

He said the "important" special relationship between Britain and America would continue as the two countries work together to uphold the shared values of "security, stability and prosperity".

Our Prime Minister has already spoken, but I just want to add my own congratulations to Donald Trump on his victory. We look forward to working with his administration in due course, when it is formed, to help deliver security, stability, prosperity - the values that Britain and America jointly believe in.

I want to reinforce this point, which is, the political relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom is probably the single most important Geo-political fact for decades and will continue to be so.

– Boris Johnson


Russian Embassy responds to Johnson's protest call

The Russian Embassy has responded to Boris Johnson's call for demonstrations by asking if this was a "new form of British diplomacy?"

The foreign secretary said he wants to see "demonstrations outside the Russian embassy" over Moscow's role in the Syrian conflict.

The Russian Embassy earlier replied questioning what Britain had achieved in Syria so far.

Johnson calls for ICC procedures against Syrian war crimes

Boris Johnson speaks in the House of Commons. Credit: HOC

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has called for International Criminal Court (ICC) procedures against any war crimes - such as airstrikes against hospitals and aid workers - in Syria.

Mr Johnson told MPs that "there could be advantage in ICC procedures".

In a warning to those responsible, he said: "I would remind this House that in recent history war criminals have been successfully prosecuted decades after their offences.

"Those who are conducting this bombing and in my view culpable of these crimes should realise that the mills of justice grind slowly but they grind small."

"The only realistic solution" to the Syrian conflict is a ceasefire followed by a political solution, Mr Johnson added.


Russia responds to calls for protests outside embassy

After Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Labour's Ann Clwyd called for demonstrations outside Russian embassies over its involvement in the Syrian civil war, the Russian Embassy in the UK tweeted asking what Britain had "achieved so far?".

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Johnson: Demonstrate outside Russian embassy over Syria

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said he wants to see "demonstrations outside the Russian embassy" over Moscow's role in the Syrian conflict, he told the Commons.

Mr Johnson's call came after Labour's Ann Clwyd urged those who care about the plight of Syrian civilians to gather outside Russian embassies across the globe until the country stops its bombing campaign.

The Cynon Valley MP who served as special envoy on human rights in Iraq from 2003 until 2010, said worldwide protests would make it "crystal clear" to Russia and the regime of president Bashar Assad that "we think their actions are deplorable".

Mr Johnson also warned that the "wells of outrage are growing exhausted" as the city of Aleppo faces destruction.

While Mr Johnson said the UK must take its share of refugees, the "overwhelming priority must be to help those nearest the centres of conflict and to keep them as near to their communities as we can".

The MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip added that Russia must "do the right thing" and work towards a ceasefire in Syria.

Boris Johnson: Russia behind Aleppo aid convoy attack

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Credit: HOC

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said that all available evidence suggests that Russia was behind the airstrike on an aid convoy in Syria in September.

The attack near Aleppo left 20 aid workers and one civilian dead as they attempted to deliver aid to 78,000 civilians in the besieged city.

The former London mayor added that if Russia continues on its current path it is in danger of becoming a pariah nation.

The MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip continued that the UK must increase its pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin by imposing sanctions on them.

MP: Putin 'sticking two fingers up' to UN over Syria

John Woodcock, MP for Barrow and Furness. Credit: ITV News

Russian President Vladimir Putin "stuck two fingers up" to the UN and the international community over the bombing of an aid convoy near Aleppo in September, an MP has said.

John Woodcock, the MP for Barrow and Furness, condemned the "gortesque war crime" which left 20 aid workers and one civilian dead as they attempted to deliver aid to 78,000 civilians in the besieged city.

Saying that the attack happened shortly after a Russian drone disappeared, Mr Woodcock argued that there was "no doubt as to who were the perpetrators of this grotesque war crime.

"It was President Putin of Russia and he was sticking two fingers up to the United Nations, to the international community which he still has the audacity to claim he is a working part."

"President Putin is a classic bully", Mr Woodcock said, adding that bullies must be stood up to.

Mr Woodcock also argued that no bombing zones must be imposed in Syria and that if airstrikes occurred in these they should be met by targeting the Syrian government's forces.

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