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Boris Johnson: Castro death 'marks end of an era'

Boris Johnson. Credit: PA

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said on twitter the death of Fidel Castro "marks the end of an era for Cuba and the start of a new one".


Boris Johnson: Trump is a deal-maker and good for Britain

Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has called Donald Trump a "deal-maker", saying "there is a lot to be positive about" with the results of the US election and suggesting there is "opportunity" in the radical changes.

"It's very important not to pre-judge the president-elect or his administration. It's only been a few days since he's been elected," he said to reporters ahead of the Foreign Affairs Council.

He added: "Donald Trump is a deal-maker and I think that could be a good thing for Britain but it could also be a good thing for Europe."

Asked about the threat of Donald Trump forcing America out of Nato, he said: "I personally think it's a good thing if other European countries do shoulder more of the responsibilities and spend a bit more on defence."

He added that foreign ministers in Europe at the meeting will be discussing Yemen, Lebanon, and Turkey, saying "Turkey remains a matter of some concern" and that leaders "should not push Turkey into a corner".

Johnson: UK-US will work together to deliver shared values

Boris Johnson has reiterated his earlier statement on "looking forward" to working with Donald Trump.

Speaking to reporters, the Foreign Secretary added his own congratulations to those of Prime Minister Theresa May to Mr Trump on his US presidential election win.

He said the "important" special relationship between Britain and America would continue as the two countries work together to uphold the shared values of "security, stability and prosperity".

Our Prime Minister has already spoken, but I just want to add my own congratulations to Donald Trump on his victory. We look forward to working with his administration in due course, when it is formed, to help deliver security, stability, prosperity - the values that Britain and America jointly believe in.

I want to reinforce this point, which is, the political relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom is probably the single most important Geo-political fact for decades and will continue to be so.

– Boris Johnson
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