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Bosch has found and repaired 152,957 dishwashers

by Barry Mulcahy - Recall Expert

Bosch has just provided RecallUK with the latest number of recalled dishwashers they have managed to find and repair.

Of the 632,000 recalled in the UK (across Bosch brands) they have managed to find and repair 152,957.

This is 24% of the affected units and up 1.3% on the figure for September 2012.

These recalled dishwashers are between eight and 13 years old and many will have been scrapped.

Bosch is reluctant to provide an estimate of how many of these dishwashers they would expect to no longer be in use.

In theory, this leaves us with 478,940 potentially dangerous dishwashers still in people's homes.

However, this figure probably significantly overstates the actual number still in use.

Bosch will soon launch another press advertising campaign to find the missing dishwashers but due to the reduced success of these campaigns, we believe it is unlikely to significantly reduce the number of these dishwashers in people's homes.

This situation does not reflect a lack of desire or effort by Bosch to find the missing dishwashers.

What it does is demonstrate just how difficult it can be to find potentially dangerous products in people's homes.


Some 479,000 potentially dangerous dishwashers in UK

Some 479,000 potentially dangerous Bosch dishwashers remain in UK homes despite a recall from the manufacturer, according to figures obtained by ITV News.

The appliances, which could catch fire, were subject to a safety alert but are still in use because of glaring gaps in the recall system.

It is now thought that up to a million potentially unsafe electricals are in peoples homes, despite hundreds of recalls.

Dyson accuses rival Bosch of planting a spy among its staff

James Dyson pictured with his pioneering 'bagless' hoover in 2000.
James Dyson pictured with his pioneering 'bagless' vacuum cleaner in 2000. Credit: PA

British technology firm Dyson today accused its German rival Bosch of planting a mole in its high-security research and development department for as long as two years.

Dyson founder Sir James Dyson filed proceedings at the High Court claiming a Chinese employee at its research and development centre in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, was giving company secrets to Bosch.

Bosch, which has its UK headquarters based in Middlesex, declined to comment.

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