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Woman charged after Bradford double stabbing

A 52-year-old woman has been charged with grievous bodily harm, assault and possession of an offensive weapon after two women were stabbed in Bradford in separate attacks, West Yorkshire Police have confirmed.

Andrea Woodhead, 52, of Idle Road, Bradford will appear at Bradford Magistrate's Court on Monday.


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Council: There was no reason to believe the Ameen children 'were at risk'

Bradford Council have told ITV News that they had monitored the children from the Ameen family but they did not believe that they were high risk:

The family had elected to home-school their secondary school-age children and they were being monitored in the usual way.

For the primary school children, the family informed the school that they were leaving the area and took the children off the school roll.

In both cases there was no reason to believe that the children were at risk.

– Bradford Council spokesperson
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School of missing Ameen children 'extremely concerned'

The headteacher of the school where three of the missing Ameen family used to be pupils has said the school is "extremely concerned" about the well-being of the children.

Bob Curran told ITV News:

As a school, we are obviously extremely concerned about the well-being of the children. Three of the children in the family previously attended our school and all three children were removed from the school roll on 29th September at the request of the parents.

Safeguarding is always our key priority and in this case we had no reason whatsoever to believe that the children would be put at risk after they left our school roll.

We are doing everything we can to help the police but as this is an ongoing police investigation we will be making no further statement.

– Bob Curran, Headteacher at St Matthew's Primary School

'We should have seen the signs', says missing family's relative

The relative of a missing family of seven, who are believed to have traveled to Turkey on one-way plane tickets, said he "should have seen the signs" that something was wrong before they disappeared.

Arshid Siddique, the first cousin of Imran and Farzana Ameen, said the couple had recently pulled their eldest daughter out of school for home schooling and although he felt "something was not right" he never thought they would take off.

Arshid Siddique, the cousin of Bradford couple Imran and Farzana Ameen Credit: Pat Hurst/PA Wire

He said: "We should have seen the signs. Even at that time there was something telling me something was not right. I never thought it was anything to do with what she has now done.

"I hope and pray for safe return, they will face the music but it is not about them, it's about the kids."

Siddique also raised concerns that the missing family members may be headed to a war zone.

I knew there was something not right here, then your worst fears are confirmed.

My worst fears are they are going to a war zone, not for them, they are adults, it's for the kids.

I can't understand it. I have three kids of my own, it beggars belief any mother or father would want to take their children to a war zone for whatever reason.

– Arshid Siddique
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