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Bryan Cranston: 'Never say never' to more Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston plays crystal meth-dealing chemistry teacher Walter White in the cult series Breaking Bad. Credit: Abaca

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has suggested that the cult series may not be finished for good after all.

Asked by CNN host Ashleigh Banfield if his character Walter White was dead, the Golden Globe winner replied: "I don't know."

"You never saw bags zip up or anything, or anybody say... you know."

And asked if there could be another installment of the hit show, he said: "Never say never."

The programme was thought to have concluded after five seasons in September 2013.

US police see 'increase in blue meth' after Breaking Bad

A sample of the blue-tinted crystal meth seized by police in New Mexico. Credit: Police / KOB

Drug dealers in America have been dyeing their crystal methamphetamine blue in an attempt to cash in on the success of hit TV show Breaking Bad, according to police in New Mexico.

Kevin Abar, in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in New Mexico, told the KOB TV station in Albuquerque: “We are seeing an increase in blue meth up in the Four Corners, and into the Farmington region.”

Over 10 million Americans watched the finale of the drama show in which a chemistry teacher creates an extremely popular blue-tinted version of the drug in order to fund his cancer treatment.

But Abar has said the chemicals used to dye the real-world meth are potentially unsafe and likely to make the drugs more dangerous.


Charity quickly sells out of ‘Breaking Bad' props

Fans of Breaking Bad snapped up memorabilia from the hit television series at a New Mexico thrift store, where the souvenir items sold out in less than two hours, organisers said.

A crowd of prospective buyers gathered in the rain outside the Albuquerque Goodwill store, and some people even slept outside overnight to grab a good place in the long line, said Goodwill Industries of New Mexico spokeswoman Shauna O'Cleireachain.

Actor Bryan Cranston (C) poses with co-stars from his series "Breaking Bad" (L-R) RJ Mitte, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul and Bob Odenkirk Credit: REUTERS/Fred Prouser

More than 200 pieces sold in less than two hours, she said. The series, about a high school chemistry teacher turned drug dealer, is set and produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Producers of "Breaking Bad," which concludes this month after five seasons, donated hundreds of props to Goodwill after the store provided furniture and clothing used on the set.