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Call for more nurses as breast cancer cases soar

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer has risen by almost 20% in a decade but with no additional investment in nursing, a charity has said.

Breast Cancer Care said patient care for breast cancer - the most common and fastest rising cancer in women - was being negatively impacted by a lack of specialist nurses.

increase in breast cancer cases in England 2003-2013
the number of specialist breast cancer nurses has remained steady since 2007

The rise in cases is being fueled by the increasingly ageing population, along with rises in obesity levels and alcohol intake.

Breast Cancer Care said specialist nurses are crucial to giving patients support from diagnosis to recovery, and called for an increase in staffing levels.

We know NHS England's budgets are tight, but as the number of breast cancer cases rises, action is needed to address this now.

– Samia al Qadhi, chief executive, Breast Cancer Care


One in 10 with breast cancer offered fertility treatment

A study has found only one in 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer are being offered the chance to have fertility treatment, despite the disease leaving them potentially unable to have children.

One in 10 women with breast cancer offer fertility treatment. Credit: PA

According to Breast Cancer Care, 88% of women under 45 were not referred to a fertility clinic to discuss the possibility of freezing eggs or embryos ahead of cancer treatment.

The charity said this is leaving an estimated 5,000 younger breast cancer patients across the UK missing out on fertility care, despite cancer treatment potentially leaving them unable to have children in future.

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