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'460 homes evacuated' as bomb disposal unit on scene

Around 460 homes have been evacuated as a bomb disposal unit carried out controlled explosions on a suspicious vehicle in Bristol.

Chief Superintendent Geoff Spicer of Avon and Somerset Police said, “Public safety is a priority for us and the exclusion area was set-up as a necessary precaution."


The cordon is likely to remain in place until at least 2pm in #Fishponds - thanks again to residents for your continued co-operation

“At this stage we believe this is an isolated incident and could be linked to an ongoing dispute and we are progressing lines of enquiry," he added.

Scene ahead of controlled explosions on car in Bristol

ITV Westcountry reporter Rob Murphy posted pictures on Twitter of the scene in Bristol where controlled explosions were carried out on a suspicious vehicle:


Residents say @aspolice @aspowarned them there was a car doused in petrol along Cassell Rd.


Controlled explosions carried out on suspicious vehicle

Avon and Somerset Police said "controlled explosions" have been carried out on a suspicious vehicle in the Fishponds area of Bristol.

The force tweeted:


Controlled explosions carried out on suspicious vehicle in #Fishponds & enquiries ongoing - we'd like to thank residents for their patience

West Country (E)

Suspicious vehicle in Bristol

Police in Bristol are dealing with a suspicious vehicle in Fishponds. A 200 metre cordon has been set up around Cassell Road.


We’re dealing with a suspicious vehicle in Cassell Rd #Fishponds. 200m cordon in place as a precaution & rest centres set-up for residents


West Country (E)

Bristol's Mayor clarifies Banksy mural move

The Mayor of Bristol is hopeful that Banksy's Mobile Lovers piece will be on display at the city's museum over the Easter weekend.

In a statement, George Ferguson said:

“I’m delighted pleased that Dennis, who is a good man, has made a tough judgement call and has turned over the artwork to us, via the police.

'Mobile Lovers' has been taken to Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Credit: ITV News West Country

"No-one’s the bad guy here; we simply need to buy time to establish where ownership lies, what Banksy’s intentions might be, if we were to get some signals, and how best we can move forward.

“I have established with our legal and museum services that we can move ahead on this basis so that, hopefully, it will be on show for people to enjoy at the City Museum and Art Gallery over the Easter weekend. It certainly would have been a cultural crime if this artwork had been lost to the city.

“I’m also asking if Banksy could provide a limited-edition print which could be sold in aid of the club.

"In the meantime we shall be working with a local publisher to produce postcards and prints for sale in aid of Broad Plain Boys' Club. And I have asked for a collection box at the museum for them. This hopefully will represent a win-win for everyone.”

Youth club hopes to 'raise thousands' from Banksy art

David Stinchcombe, owner of a youth project that holds the latest Banksy, hopes to raise thousands of pounds by selling it, providing funds to help it stay open.

Dozens of people have paid to view 'Mobile Lovers' at Broad Plain & Riverside Youth Project in Bristol, which needs to raise £120,000 to survive.

A man photographs the new Banksy inside the youth club. Credit: SWNS Group

"I had to make a decision as to whether to allow it to stay there and come in today to find it gone or damaged, or be good for the community," he said.

"People can come and see it and if they want to put a donation into our 120 appeal they are most welcome.

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"If I can make this work for our building and our appeal then, Banksy, you've done an amazing job and what a gem you are.

A view of the latest officially confirmed Banksy artwork, named Mobile Lovers. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA

Mr Stinchcombe said he would seek advice as to whether to sell the piece at auction or directly to a museum or gallery.

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Mayor of Bristol 'pretty sure' removing Banksy is 'theft'

The Mayor of Bristol said the new Banksy artwork belongs to the city council and removing it would be "stealing" as the row over the picture continues.

George Ferguson said he's "pretty sure" the removed Banksy "belongs to us" and "on the face of it would be theft".

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A view of the latest Banksy artwork, named Mobile Lovers Credit: Ben Birchall/PA

A police officer and a PCSO were also seen at the boy's club, but a police spokesman said: "There have been no formal reports and there is no police investigation at the moment.

"We visited in an informal capacity following media and public interest. We offered advice on crime prevention and any issues which may arise from a possible sale."

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Club receives 'death threats' after taking down a Banksy

The manager of the youth club who has laid claim to the latest Banksy artwork said yesterday he has received death threats after he "took an opportunity" to save his struggling youth service by removing the artwork.

Dennis Stinchcombe MBE, leader of struggling Broad Plain and Riverside Youth Project, said he had taken around 40 phone calls from angry street art fanatics.

The new Bristol Banksy artwork's new home in Broad Plain Boys Club. Credit: SWNS Group

He said: "People have been calling up and telling us we have no right to take it down, that it is public and we are stealing.

"People have even said they are going to come down here and sort us out, all sorts of nasty things to us. We have even had death threats."

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He said if he hadn't taken the artwork "someone else would have and I wasn't going to let that happen".

Bristol City Council is yet to comment, and local police have not opened an investigation following the removal of the work.

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