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Mum backs call for Bristol hospital inquiry

Emma Norley's daughter, Lacey-Marie Poton, was born with Down Syndrome and heart defects.

Last summer, Lacey-Marie was sent home from the Bristol Royal Children's Hospital when Emma believed she should have been kept in the hospital's in the new high-dependency unit on ward 32.

Emma Norley speaks to ITV News' Medical Editor Lawrence McGinty. Credit: ITV News

Lacey-Marie later died, aged four-months.

Emma told Medical Editor Lawrence McGinty that she agreed with Steve and Yolanda Turner's call for an inquiry into care at the Bristol hospital.

She said: "I thought my daughter should be in high dependency. They were only using two beds when they had four [available in the unit].

Asked why the unit was being underused, she added: "They said there wasn't enough nursing staff."


'Missed opportunities' to save four-year-old Sean

In the six weeks between four-year-old Sean Turner's heart surgery and his subsequent death, there were "missed opportunities" that could have saved him.

But, recording a narrative verdict today, a coroner cleared Bristol Children's Hospital of failing to provide basic care to the little boy.

The inquest was the second in two months investigating the death of a child on Ward 32 - the children's cardiac ward.

ITV News Medical Editor Lawrence McGinty reports:

Turner's parents relieved 'horrendous ordeal' is over

Sean Turner's parents told ITV News they have gone through a "horrendous ordeal" after the inquest into their son's death recorded a narrative verdict.

Steve and Yolanda Turner said they felt the coroner was not "strong enough" in her conclusion and the "missed opportunities" by Bristol Children's Hospital had "huge" implications for them.

Yolanda Turner said: "It's been a horrendous ordeal and we're glad it's over but we want to make sure that the hospital learns lessons and that other children are safe - that's important to us, no family should go through what we've been through."

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Narrative verdict recorded at heart surgery inquest

The Coroner at the inquest into the death of 4-year-old Sean Turner, who died after undergoing heart surgery at the Bristol Children's Hospital, has recorded a narrative verdict.

In conclusion today the Coroner said there had been 'lost opportunities' in Sean's care, but stopped short of criticising the Hospital.

She said changes had already already been made at the hospital since the little boy died, and made no recommendations.

British schoolboy becomes youngest to trek South Pole

A 16-year-old British schoolboy has become the youngest person to trek the South Pole.

Lewis Clarke, 16. Credit: Lewis Clarke 2013

Lewis Clarke arrived at 6pm (GMT) this evening after completing the 700-mile journey from the Antarctic coast.

After an early start and temperatures of minus 50C - as well as windchill - it took a few hours longer than expected to reach his end goal.

On his momentous arrival, he said: "I'm really happy but mostly relieved that for the first time in 48 days I don't have to get up tomorrow and drag my sled for nine hours in the snow and icy wind.

"Today was really hard, the closer I got to the Pole the slower I went, my legs had had enough. But now I'm here and I've had some spaghetti bolognaise and I am sitting in a heated tent."

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