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Police continue to search Bristol area where body was found

Throughout the night police have been searching the area of the Avon Gorge where a body was found in the search for missing mum Charlotte Bevan.

Police and ambulance service vehicles on the side of the road next to the Avon Gorge. Credit: ITV News
Activity directly beneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Credit: ITV News

A police helicopter flew above the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol as it assisted the officers' efforts.

A police helicopter flies above the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Credit: ITV News

Police: Body found in Avon Gorge 'desperately sad'

Replying to a tweet from ITV News presenter Alastair Stewart, Gareth Morgan, deputy chief constable of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, described the news from Bristol as "desperately sad".


Police find body in search for mother missing from Bristol hospital

Police investigating the disappearance of a new mother and her four-day-old baby from hospital have found a body in a gorge, they said tonight.

The family of Charlotte Bevan, 30, who vanished from Bristol Maternity Hospital last night with her daughter, Zaani Tiana, have been informed of the find in the nearby Avon Gorge, Avon and Somerset Police said.

Charlotte has not been seen since leaving the maternity unit, with CCTV footage showing her leaving coatless and carrying Zaani wrapped in just a blanket.

Police urge missing mum Charlotte Bevan to get in touch

Police have urged Charlotte Bevan, who has gone missing after leaving Bristol Maternity Hospital last night with her newborn daughter, to get in touch and let them know her and her baby are safe and well.

Speaking at a press conference with her family, DCI Simon Crisp said:

This message really is for Charlotte. It is not a crime to take your own baby from hospital. It is simply not a crime, okay?

We have spoken to the staff at the hospital and we are convinced you are a good mother. You are a caring, thoughtful mother who is attentive and you were looking after your five-day-old child in the best way possible.

What worries us is that given all that you have left somewhat unexpectedly from the hospital, you haven't told your friends or family where you were going or your intentions. That is really worrying for them and really worrying for us.

All I ask is - please make contact, let us know you are okay. You've got nothing to fear.

If you are a friend of Charlotte's and you know who she is, she has nothing to fear. Please come forward and tell us where she is

– DCI Simon Crisp

Boyfriend of Charlotte Bevan: 'please come back'

Handout CCTV image issued by Avon and Somerset Police of Charlotte Bevan, 30, leaving Bristol Maternity Hospital last night with her four-day-old baby girl, Zaani Tiana. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

Pascal Malbrouck, the boyfriend of missing mother Charlotte Bevan, has pleaded with her to return home with their newborn daughter, Zaani Tiana.

At a police press conference with other members of her family, he said:

"Charlotte, please come back....I'm waiting for you."


Fresh activity on missing mother's Facebook page

A fresh post has appeared on the Facebook page of missing mother Charlotte Bevan.

The YouTube clip, posted via an app, shows the final delivery of physicist Nassim Haramein at a conference in Barcelona in 2010.

A fresh post appeared on Ms Bevan's Facebook page this afternoon Credit: Facebook

Police told ITV News they are looking into whether Ms Bevan may have posted the clip herself, or whether it appeared as an automatic update via the app.

Nothing found in search for Charlotte in cordoned street

Police said their search for missing mother Charlotte Bevan in Royal Fort Road, where they took away a wheelie bin, has ended with nothing found.

They continue to investigate a number of possible sightings of the 30-year-old and stressed she is still missing with her four-day-old daughter Zarnee.

Hospital had no reason to think Charlotte would leave

Staff at the Bristol hospital where Charlotte Bevan and her four-day-old daughter went missing had no reason to think she would leave.

A spokesman for University Hospitals Bristol said Miss Bevan was due to be released tomorrow "but she elected to leave for reasons unknown to us".

They added: "Charlotte was recovering from the birth of her baby, and there were no indications that she was planning to self-discharge.

"Charlotte and her baby were seen by staff at 8.30pm. When staff went to check on her at 9.05pm they found Charlotte and her baby missing and immediately sounded the alarm.

"We are working closely with other agencies to establish that Charlotte and her baby are safe."

Missing mum had 'mental health issues', family say

Charlotte Bevan has been missing since 9pm last night. Credit: Facebook

A mum who went missing from a Bristol hospital with her newborn baby had "mental health issues", her sister said.

Janet Tibbs told the Bristol Post: "Charlotte did have mental health issues.

"The police spoke to me this morning, I couldn't think of anything to say, I was just rambling on about what we did the last time I saw her. I don't think it was much use."

She added Charlotte and her boyfriend Pascal Malbrouck were "really looking forward" to the birth of their first child.

The 30-year-old walked out of a maternity ward with four-day-old Zarnee Teanna last night.

Her boyfriend confirmed Charlotte suffered from depression and schizophrenia but said she had been happy before the birth.

He said he could think of no reason why she would go missing.

"We all love and care about you Charlotte. Please just let someone know you are safe. We want you to come home."

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