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BT ridiculed after thousands lose internet connection

BT have been ridiculed on Twitter today after thousands of frustrated customers complained about internet outage.

The technical problem lasted several hours, prompting angry users to post tong-in-cheek complaints on social media.

The company, which provides broadband to seven million UK subscribers, said it was unable to say how many customers had been affected.

A BT spokeswoman said the problem has now been fixed. "There were problems with our broadband service earlier today but they were resolved. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused," she said.

BT 'to start charging' for 1571 messaging service

Telecommunications company BT will begin charging its 10 million UK customers for the 1571 messaging service, a national newspaper is reporting.

BT may start charging customers for their voicemail service. Credit: PA

The global telephone and internet giant will begin charging customers an extra £1.75 per month to leave voicemail messages, according to the Daily Mail.

Users must contact BT if they want to opt out of the scheme, which also notifies callers if someone is trying to reach them while they are already on the phone.

The newspaper said the move is part of a wider package of new charges introduced, including putting standard line rental up by 44p to £15.99 per month.

The charity Saga branded the reported change "immoral" saying that price rises would hit the elderly and most vulnerable.

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