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Belgian prosecutors charge two on terror offences

Belgian prosecutors charged Mohamed Abrini on Saturday Credit: Reuters

Belgian prosecutors charged two men with terrorism offences on Tuesday.

Officials said the men had links with the rental of a potential safe house used in carrying out the Brussels bombings on March 22 - which killed 32 people.

On Saturday, Mohamed Abrini - the so-called "man in the hat" - was also charged with terror offences in relation to the last month's attacks.


Why is release of Brussels suspect Faycal C significant?

Belgian prosecutors confirmed they had released a man called Faycal C today after he was initially charged with "participation in a terrorist group" and "terrorist killings" in connection with the Brussels attacks.

According to ITV News correspondent Emma Murphy the release is "very significant" as he was the only person charged in connection with the attacks so far.


Brussels Attacks: 96 people still in hospital

It is believed about 340 people in total were injured in the attacks at Brussels airport and metro Credit: REUTERS/Yorick Jansens

The latest figures on the injured following the Brussels attacks have revealed that 96 people are still in hospital.

ITV News correspondent Emma Murphy reports that of those still in hospital 55 people are in intensive care units and 30 are suffering from burns.

One person has also been repatriated to the US for care.

Belgian police release Brussels suspect 'Faycal C'

Belgian police have released a man called Faycal C who prosecutors confirmed on Thursday had been charged with "participation in a terrorist group" and "terrorist killings" in connection with the Brussels attacks.

The federal prosecutors office said he was released due to "lack of evidence".

Police release CCTV of Brussels 'man in hat' suspect

Belgian police have released CCTV footage in the hunt for the "man in hat" suspect in the Brussels attacks.

He fled after his bomb failed to go off, a prosecutor said previously.

The suspect is seen wearing a white jacket, a hat and is pushing a trolley with a suitcase on.

There has been speculation over his identity.

ITV News understands this is the first time the footage has been publicly available and the video was labelled with the incorrect date.

Images taken from the CCTV have been previously circulated.

Three charged in Brussels with terror group participation

Brussels prosecutors have charged three more people with participation in a terrorist group.

A fourth person they had detained for questioning has been released.

In a statement, the federal prosecutors named the three charged as:

  • Yassine A.
  • Mohamed B.
  • Aboubaker O.

Prosecutors said they could not give further information at this stage. It is unclear if the charges are linked to the Brussels attacks.

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