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Corporation tax rate 'very good for UK business'

Steven Bruck, a partner at Blick Rothenberg Chartered Accountants, says: "Corporation Tax will come down one per cent from April 2015.

"For the first time in many years there will be a single rate of Corporation Tax at an internationally competitive rate of 20 per cent. This is very good for business and as an encouragement for inward investment in the UK."


Attempt to revive Comet included profit plan say owners

Comet owners OpCapita issued a statement on the failed retailer saying its plan to rescue the firm included measures to improve the profitability of the business.

We will of course assist fully with any inquiry and welcome the opportunity to provide BIS with factual information relating to the circumstances which led to Comet entering administration.

Deloitte published yesterday its Initial Report to Creditors of Comet Group Ltd which already includes detailed information and commentary on the events leading up to the appointment of administrators.

In addition the report sets out the detail of the turnaround plan for Comet which included a series of measures designed to improve the profitability of the business.

– OpCapita statement on Comet

The statement added that once administration is completed, Deloitte will issue a full public report to creditors.

Empty shops at record levels sets 'alarm bells ringing'

One in 10 shops in UK high streets and shopping centres were empty in October as retailers battle against stagnating sales and rising costs, a survey has found.

One in 10 high street shops were left empty, the survey found Credit: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) said the town centre vacancy rate of 11.3% was the worst figure since its nationwide survey began in July 2011.

A fifth of store units are currently empty in Northern Ireland, while the rate for Wales is 15.1% and for the North & Yorkshire region the rate is 14.6%. Greater London had 7.6% of its units lying empty.

BRC director general Stephen Robertson said the new figures would set "alarm bells ringing" as it confirmed the financial challenges for both customers and retailers were far from over.

Big brands including JJB Sports, Clinton Cards, Blacks Leisure, Game and Peacocks have either disappeared or scaled back their presence in town centres after going into administration.

Cable to unveil 'settlement agreements' for dismissals

  • Under the proposals if the worker accepts the deal it will become legally protected so it cannot be used later as evidence in any court case or tribunal.
  • Officials insist the move is fair to employees as they are not obliged to take the package and also incentivises bosses to offer a good package, which can include a binding promise of a favourable reference.
  • Mr Cable will also consult on plans to change the limit on unfair dismissal payouts to a maximum of 12 months' salary or set it at an even lower figure.
  • He wants to reduce the current £72,300 cap significantly in the hope of encouraging small businesses to start hiring more staff.


Government drops no-fault dismissal plans

Business Secretary Vince Cable will announce that "no-fault dismissal" proposals are being dropped after a lack of support for the idea among the business community.

Mr Cable has made no secret of his opposition to the recommendation, which many Tories backed, but aides were keen to stress the proposal was being ditched because there was "no significant evidence" that it would help employers.

The Business Secretary wants to bolster settlement agreements - where employers can offer under-performing employees a pay off - so they become more widely used to resolve disputes.

Michael Fallon: Deregulation will bring more jobs

New business minister Michael Fallon has said the Government is taking steps to save businesses money, and free them from the burden of unnecessary health and safety regulation. He said:

"We are talking about low risk premises, like offices and shops, where you don't need the same annual regime of council officials coming in and ticking boxes"

Cutting 'unnecessary regulation' will help small businesses

Research carried out by YouGov for Zurich shows that 70% of 'senior decision makers' from Small or Medium Size Businesses (SME's) support today's announcement to cut red tape. Richard Coleman, Director of SME at Zurich Insurance said:

While most businesses would accept there’s a vital need for regulation in areas such as health and safety, UK SMEs are clearly looking for simplification to focus on what they do best - fuelling economic growth.

The fact that SMEs tell us this concerns them more than access to finance is a clear indicator that they still feel over-burdened by red tape.

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