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One dead and five injured after five bombs explode across Cairo

One Person was killed and five others wounded after five bombs went off in the Egyptian capital. One of the five bombs exploded outside a Vodafone shop. Credit: Reuters

Five bombs exploded in Cairo today killing one person and wounding five others.

Three police officers were injured when one of the bombs went of near a police station in the district of Alwaraq, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said in a statement.

One person was killed and a further two wounded when one of the devices went off outside a restaurant in a residential district of the Egyptian capital.

The other three bombs resulted in damage to businesses, including a Vodafone shop, but there were no reports of injuries in the middle-class district of Mohandeseen, where most of the attacks took place.

Egypt has experienced an influx in violence since General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (now President Sisi) overthrew Mohamed Morsi in 2013. Most of the ensuing violence has taken place in the restless Sinai Peninsula.


British embassy in Cairo closed while US remains open

The British embassy in Cairo is closed for what appears to be security reasons.

Officials said they would not disclose any details due to "the sensitive nature of the matter", but reports emerged of plans by militants to "target foreign embassies".

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Cairo, which is located on the same street as the British embassy, remains open.

The two embassies are on the same street in Cairo. Credit: Google Maps

Plan to 'target foreign embassies' could be behind embassy closure

Reports have surfaced that the closure of the British embassy in Cairo today could have been because of plans by militants to "target foreign embassies".

The embassy has declined to give details of the security concerns that led to it closing its doors today due to "the sensitive nature of the matter " but speculation has been mounting as to why it was shut.

An anonymous source told Reuters that a suspected militant who was recently detained by Egyptian authorities had confessed to planning to target foreign embassies.

British Embassy closed for security reasons

The British Embassy in Cairo has said they are working with Egyptian authorities to reopen its doors after suspending public services for security reasons.

No further details as to why the embassy has been shut have been released because of the "sensitive nature of the matter".

A message on the foreign office website reads: "Please do not come to the embassy building."

British Embassy in Cairo suspend public services

The British Embassy in Cairo has suspended its public services for security reasons today.

The office of the British Consulate-General in Alexandria will continue operating as normal.


Hundreds to protest over Al Jazeera journalist jailings

Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed before they were each jailed for seven years yesterday for helping the Muslim Brotherhood. Credit: Reuters

Hundreds of journalists are to protest In London later today over the jailing in Egypt of colleagues from Al Jazeera which has provoked outrage around the world.

Staff from the BBC and other news organisations will hold a one minute silent protest outside New Broadcasting House in London at 9.41am-the time of yesterday's sentencing.

Australian-born Peter Greste, Canadian-Egyptian Mohammed Fahmy, and Egyptian producer Baher Mohammed were each sentenced to seven years in prison over alleged terrorism charges.

The imprisonment of the journalists on charges relating to terrorism provoked Foreign Secretary William Hague to summon the Egyptian ambassador in London for a meeting yesterday.

Foreign Office advises tourists to stay indoors in Cairo

The Foreign Office has updated its travel advice in light of recent bombings in Egypt surrounding the third anniversary of the 2011 uprising:

25 January is the 3rd anniversary of the 2011 revolution. A number of groups have called for demonstrations to mark the anniversary.

Protests and disruption to travel around the country are likely in the days before and after 25 January.

You are strongly advised to stay inside during this period in Cairo.

Across the country you are also advised to take particular care in the vicinity of government buildings, and to avoid all demonstrations and large gatherings.

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